Double decker tent

At Cosco, we provide double-decker tents with 200% usage of the ground.

The materials of the aluminum frame adopt reinforced aluminum alloy whose surface has been treated with anodized finish. The roof covers and sidewalls are made of 850g/m2 PVC-coated polyester textiles which are flame retardant. In addition, we adopt high-quality wooden beams as the main materials for manufacturing the floor structures. Thick and waterproof splints are utilized to manufacture the second floor. Besides that, the product is widely popular for its modular system, offering convenience for people to extend the length by 5mbay section and allowing engineering staff to install more easily in a shorter period. The product is durable and has strong wind resistance and snow loading capacity. It can resist over 100km/h wind speed.

The double-decker tent provided by Cosco is also called a two-story tent. With a two-floor design, the product can provide a better viewing effect. It provides double space in the same land area and the interior space can be divided more easily for achieving multiple functions. The tent is a good choice for providing perfect space for the VIP lounge, movable office, and rooms for people to enjoy watching the sports events such as soccer, golf, tennis, equestrian, racing or any other types of events.

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