Dome tent

Cosco dome tent is the perfect tent to create a weather resistance space for the events.

Being made of anti-corrosion steel tubes and completely waterproof PVC fabrics, the product can be widely used outside and provide convenience for people. All PVC panels of the product can be folded, making the disassembly process easier. The overall volume of the product is small and light after disassembly, which can effectively save the labor time and manpower cost. Being inspired by the scientific principle of triangular stability, our designers make the product be of a triangle shape structure, which endows it with the excellent performance of wind loading ability. We also adopt special high-strength steel pipes which have been through galvanized or paint processing, so the product can withstand the rainstorm. Furthermore, the product is formed by the combination of a sphere and it requires no supporting pole. The structure of the product is tested to be robust and solid. Being equipped with one complete fabric, the product can avoid the rainwater leaking into the interior space.

Cosco offers wide diameter ranging from 3 meters to 20 meters for the dome tents to meet the requirements of different capacity and application. The module structure design of the product is simple and gorgeous, fully catering to customers’ requirements.

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