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by:COSCO     2019-08-16
Three and a half years after Hurricane Sandy, Chris Camuso is still repairing his home at Fox beach.
He said he has relied on Guang\'s rescue since the storm.
Relief has a tent in the neighborhood of Mill Road.
Supply me.
\"I had problems in the winter and they helped me get hot and run,\" Camuso said . \".
Camuso was sad to see workers cleaning up the site on Thursday.
Founder Derek Tabaco said the move came after the tent was recently destroyed and some residents complained that it was still there.
\"It\'s a bit frustrating, but after 3 and a half years.
Some people in the community think it\'s time for Guyon rescue to leave, so it\'s time for us to move to Mt.
Loretta \"tobacco.
Most of the organization\'s supplies have been stored in Mt, Tabacco said.
Loreto in this trailer.
He said it was moved from the Mill Road in the fall.
\"Before another disaster or someone needs us, we will use it as storage now,\" he said . \".
With the help of elected officials, the city has allowed tents on Mill Road since the storm.
In a statement, member Steve Mateo said: \"The Guon rescue did an excellent job after super storm Sandy, providing supplies, cleaning up houses and helping people return home.
Like all groups emerging after the storm, the nature of their tasks has changed as we move from disaster response to recovery.
\"Some of the residents we interviewed at Fox beach said they were happy to see the tent collapse.
\"It is of no use.
It\'s there for whatever reason, \"said one resident.
Tabacco said he needed volunteers to help relocate the tent.
He said he would continue to help residents like Camuso nearby.
\"Derek is now a big demand in this town,\" added Camuso . \".
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