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16 luxury tents at Festa de Diu village gutted | Rajkot News - Times of India

by:COSCO     2019-08-16
Rajkot: up to 16 luxury tents out of a total of 60 tents built for 75-day-
Long Beach festival in the United territories (UT)
Diu was destroyed in the fire on Friday morning, and on the first day of the new year, dozens of tourists sent shockwaves.
Although none of the tourists were injured in the accident, many tourists lost their luggage and valuables, which were burned within minutes of the fire.
Sources said the fire was due to a short period of time
Touring one of the tents.
The Diu government organized the Festa De Diu festival, known as Asia\'s longest beach festival, to promote tourism in UT.
For this reason, they set up luxury tents on the beach.
All the tents are empty.
Facilities include 1 5-
Star accommodation.
\"Fortunately, there were no tourists in the tent when the fire broke out.
We suspect that the fire was caused by a short circuit.
Manish Aggarwal, IGP, Daman and Diu administration told TOI that the area was separated from the rest of the village and that the fire was under control.
According to Diu fire officer d m Vadhvana, they received a fire call at 10.
55 on Friday morning.
Vadhvana told TOI that \"three fire Pacers were rushed to the tent village and three others were called in by other government departments to put out the fire . \".
\"It took two and a half hours to put out the fire.
No one was injured in the fire, however, \"said Vadhvana, adding that the FSL team was called to determine the exact cause of the fi re.
However, it is reported that the materials used to build tents are not fire --
It proved that there was also a lack of fire safety equipment near the tent.
\"We have started to dismantle the pancha nama for each tent and assess the loss of property and tourist luggage.
Luggage is worth Rs 3 in two tents.
It is estimated that 55 lakh were killed in the fire.
We are evaluating further losses.
Most of the passengers who stayed in the 16 tents came from Delhi\'s Diu government, where they said the tourists were moved to the touring Villa.
According to the Diu government, since President Pranab Mukherjee launched Festa De Diu in December 1, the tourism movement has recorded nearly 100% jumps.
About 2 last year.
On December, Lach tourists visited Diu.
This number is expected to cross 4 this year. 5 lakh.
Last year, Diu attracted aro and 17 lakh tourists, and this year, with the launch of Festa De Diu, the government hopes to attract more than 35 lakh tourists.
However, tour operators are concerned about the accident in the holiday village.
Jayendrasinh K Jhala, chairman of the Gujarat branch of the Indian Association of tourism operators (IATO)
He said, \"This incident is terrible for tourists and will affect tourism activities to Diu in the coming weeks.
\"People take precautions when booking tent accommodation.
In our case, we had our guests stay in the beach resort instead of the tent.
This is the first time Diu has held such a festival on a large scale, so some facilities are missing.
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