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5 potential health consequences of reverse osmosis systems

by:COSCO     2019-08-29
Most of the focus of water quality is pollution and removal of contaminants to levels considered safe for drinking water.
There are also concerns now that we may take in the necessary nutrients for our health.
As early as 1980 of the World Health Organization (WHO)
Began to notice some of the effects of the use of diluted water on the population.
They then concluded that the completely demined water had a \"significant adverse effect\" on animals and human organisms \".
\"There is no natural Place on Earth, pure water of chemical nature.
Because water is a universal solvent.
Many compounds are easily dissolved in water.
So, it collects additives when it flows.
Some are good, some are harmful, especially artificial.
There are ways to purify water, such as using reverse osmosis systems.
Seawater desalination is the process of providing fresh water from salty or seawater.
It has been in use for more than thirty years.
Fresh water can be obtained using reverse osmosis system.
Thousands of desalination plants around the world produce 6 billion gallons or more of water a day.
In 2005, who published a publication entitled nutrients in drinking water.
A full chapter devoted to the risks to health of water that removes minerals.
All methods of manual production of salt water removal, including household use of reverse osmosis systems, are discussed.
Who publications discuss five possible health consequences of drinking water with low mineral content: it is concluded that drinking water should contain the lowest essential minerals such as calcium and magnesium.
It is clear that these essential nutrients can be removed using any type of reverse osmosis system.
Thirty years ago, when the demand for water purification was recognized by families, commercial applications of reverse osmosis systems were scaled down to meet that demand.
Now, with better filtration techniques to remove contaminants and also to leave minerals in the water, using reverse osmosis systems at home may not be a healthy option.
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