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7 of the best wellness festivals to book in 2017

by:COSCO     2019-08-16
Tired of waking up in the tent on the back of sweat stream sweaty and drinking half the cidereaten, ill-
Suggested mystery meat burger and vague memories of the night before? Yeah.
Your holiday is not necessarily a hangover and a drink.
This year\'s health day industry is bigger than ever, which means you can swap out the queued toilets with sunrise yoga and turn to watch a questionable band, join a workshop on how to meditate on the road to success, miss the uncooked cheese fries, and love to bake sweet potatoes and quinoa on freshly caught salmon.
Sounds good, don\'t you?
Here are a few of the best health festivals of the year.
Fare health, Britain\'s first food, fitness and wellness festival, will return to London this year with a veritable feast of food and fitness.
Restaurants and bars, fitness classes, expert lectures and cooking presentations are expected.
You can hear from health experts including Ella Mills and Amelia Freier, then try some yoga or ballets, then use Daylesford and medley etc.
Truman Brewery in London, February 4
Artists, yogis and health enthusiasts have been gathering in the Colombian rainforest since 2011 to \"awaken their human potential and positive energy \".
Let\'s face it. in February, who can\'t do this?
Prepare for the incredible world music artist (
The soul folk sisters of Appalachian are well worth hearing)
, More than you can get from the founders of the Burning Man, Crimson Rose and Will Rogers, Irene Schroeder (
The youngest woman ever in CongressS. )
And Kip Andersen, you know from Cowspiracy, the documentary that kept you from eating meat for a week.
Day of tranquility, Costa Rica, February 23-
Closer to home is this Cotswold-
Set up a health festival in the sun that covers every fitness buzzword.
Hot yoga, public bath, aerial lessons, sunset meditation, light therapy, juice, clean diet. . .
The list continues.
Don\'t worry though, it\'s not too noble-there are wine tastings, live music and parties, so you can still do what you will naturally do during the festival (
Just make sure you do some yoga afterwards to fight the excesses).
They also have a handy \"split your payments in a few months plan\" so you don\'t have to take out all the cash to buy tickets at a time.
Circus of souls, Elmer, Gloucester, August 18-
Truman Brewery in east London, this 3-
The day\'s activities are more suitable for fitness and food than the annoying partner you do Pilates before work every day.
Try a fitness course
Play another space (
Their box HIIT class is terrible but excellent)
Training camp in Bari, boom cycle, Triyoga and spring break.
Then, once you\'re tired, go to places like Flexi gourmets, Bettina\'s kitchen and more to enjoy live cooking shows, Q is the same as the team behind chef Mindful, of course, all (healthy)
You can eat food.
Balance Festival, Truman Brewery, London, May 12-14.
A big thing in America. S.
Health festival market
There are tourist festivals throughout the year, all over the United States. S.
Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
Basically, no matter where the summer is.
There\'s obviously yoga (
Yoga is always there)
But there is also meditation, \"ecology\"
Kayaking, bike tours, horseback riding, hiking, surfing and speaking from authors, musicians, health experts and filmmakers.
This will bring you a little bit of cash-especially once you \'ve considered the price of your ticket-but there\'s a good chance you\'ll find it here if what you\'re looking for is a revival and revitalization.
Tours, various locations and dates.
The Greens festival is already super zen, however, if you want to go a little deeper, go to their nature, for yoga and Pilates classes, meditation, Indian Summer massage and outdoor massageHot tub (
A glass of champagne is encouraged)
Go to the sauna, shower, hair dryer and hair straightener.
Who said that camping must be chaotic?
Briken Biken Green, Wales, August 1720Another city-
This is a festival in Olympia, London.
Looking forward to the overall expert, food genii (
Good, honest and healthy Natasha Corret)
Shamanism, Tantra, meditation and more.
Yoga is available almost every day and there is also a \"health space\" that offers massages, aromatherapy, holistic facial treatments and Swedish massages. Nnice.
April 28, Olympia, London, London Mental Health Festival
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