A Dim View of Drivers Using Dome Lights

by:COSCO     2019-08-12
We shared some of our favorite California vehicle code myths two weeks ago ---
You think it\'s illegal, but it\'s not (
Such as driving barefoot or changing lanes at intersections)
This topic brings a lot of letters, emails
Mail and phone.
One of our favorite people is Kevin Parker, an English professor at Orange Coast College, who is caught in a literary debate.
Parker wrote to us and said: \"My wife and I recently had a disagreement on the legality of driving at night, and the indoor ceiling light was on . \". \"Is it legal?
\"The answer is yes, it\'s legal ---
But there is a warning.
There is nothing in the state vehicle code that involves the use of in-car lights when driving, so you cannot get tickets.
But if you have this idea because you have read the term paper on Faulkner\'s use of symbolism, then in any case you may get a citation.
\"If you turn on the light so you can make up, read or do something else that distracts you, you can be quoted as\" Speed with unsafe conditions \", that\'s how California Highway Patrol spokesman Steve Kohler explained to us.
\"This is a bit of a rush --all law for us.
The condition is that you are reading, so it is not safe to read at any rate.
\"But if you turn on the overhead lights so passengers can read, or the baby in your back seat won\'t cry, you won\'t break any laws we can find.
But that doesn\'t mean it\'s safe.
The glare of the dome light will definitely reduce your night vision clarity and will not be too bright.
We like a good secret.
We call this the padlock highway \".
\"The only problem is that we don\'t know how it ends.
If you are traveling south on Fairview Avenue, when you reach the overpass above the San Diego highway, look right and you will see what we are talking about.
A thick cluster of locks hung on the chain
A fence like a strange Christmas ornament (See photo).
Round combination lock and flat rectangular lock with key.
Some are shiny new and some are almost rusty.
We\'re not talking about a few locks. -
There were 199 locks last week (Yes, we counted it)
Loop in the link with a triangular pattern.
If you go there in a month, chances are there will be more locks.
This strange exhibition (Street art?
Political statement?
Hardware ads? )
Local legend is a strange roadside tradition that began in the late 1980 s when a lock popped out.
But the problem remains. -why?
Costa Mesa police station
Ron Smith said he launched an investigation months ago with bad luck.
\"It\'s too much for me,\" he admitted . \"
\"Call me back if you find out.
\"We\'re listening if you know the answer.
Note speed guys: We \'ve all heard of small towns with speed traps, but in a city in the South, local police have a very different reputation.
Ocean side seems to be a \"no ticket area \".
\"As of last week, there were not many traffic tickets for the six car police patrolling the coastal city ---
According to some reports, some of them have completely exhausted their supplies and have given speeding and other bad driver warnings instead of citations.
\"We have enough citations to maintain the business,\" said captain Oceanside police.
Mike Shirley assured us last week.
\"We have very little supply, though.
Shirley said: \"The police have been rummaging through the warehouse, rummaging through the old reference books for unused pages, and even calling past employees to find more ticket forms.
\"It\'s a little funny,\" he told a reporter . \"
How did the Department find itself in an awkward position?
\"Well, some things are piled up together,\" said a tired man.
Shirley told us.
First, department officials waited in June for a state committee to complete a regular review of the wording of the citation form before ordering a new supply.
They then decided to postpone the start of the new fiscal year until July.
This could have ended, but things get worse when the companies that print the citations run out of the paper they use for the forms.
The agency cannot just write the citations on the napkins or borrow forms from neighboring cities, as these tickets may be thrown away by the judge.
\"The driver can go to the court and say they got a ticket in Oceanside, But Carlsbad was scratched and they were confused,\" Shirley said . \".
By the time you read this, the crisis may have ended.
Before this morning, there should be a rush order for a new ticket form at the station.
\"We hope they will succeed,\" Shirley told us . \".
A quick reminder for you
In the summer, the foot type runs south, and when you get to the seaside, they think of launching the engine: still CHP is handling Interstate 5.
They have many tickets.
MOTORMANIA: A new study shows that more than 0. 2 billion cars are registered for the first time to drive the country\'s highways, highways and sidewalks.
When more than 15 million newly registered cars are in 12-
Month ending June--about 2.
More than 8 million old cars scrapped over the same period.
Glen Forbes, vice president of Polk Co, said: \"After more than 0. 2 billion people in the country, the number of vehicles in operation has reached the same level . \"
This study was compiled through national records.
What is the scale of Orange County? As of Dec.
On the 31st, 1997, 1,984,208 vehicles, trucks and motorcycles were listed locally in the records of the motor vehicle department.
For the entire state of California, there are 25,791,370 states, the largest of all states.
No wonder the police ran out of tickets.
Tips for this week: tired frustration?
Imagine your own air.
Quality duty officer?
Summer is the smog season, so here\'s how to drop a dime on the polluting driver: make a phone call (800)CUT-SMOG (that\'s 288-
7664 if you hate looking for letters on the phone)
The license plate number of a car that produces visible exhaust, and the South Coast Air Quality Management Area will mail a notice to the offender.
The bad news is that this letter is just a notice. -
The agency cannot issue citations.
The good news is that, according to an agency spokesperson, many of the more than 8,000 people reported each month cleaned up their actions after receiving the letter.
Road scholars would like to hear your insights, stories and questions about traffic, commuting experience and traffic issues in Orange County.
You can be in (714)966-5724, send e-mail to geoff.
Runshi @ latimes.
Or email him at the New York Times Orange County. O.
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