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A good place for rest day movement: basketball stadium awning room

by:COSCO     2020-09-23
Along with the accelerating pace of life, a lot of office worker appears unavoidably inferior health, especially for sedentary people, after office hours or days off to play basketball or very be necessary. But due to the shortage of indoor sports venues, cause a lot of people directly in the outdoors, also had to cancel in rainy weather. If you want to solve this problem, a frame tent is enough for basketball stadium. Basketball stadium awning room belongs to a kind of sports awning room, can be set up many flat surfaces in the outdoor, such as park, community, or some square can be easily set up, and set up speed and short time limit, can be put into use set, let more people close feeling of the movement. is made of high quality aluminum alloy as a framework for basketball stadium, tarpaulins adopts double coated PVC fabric, wind and rain, the safe and stable, can effectively guarantee of sports in a variety of normal weather conditions. Says there tent product size range, for site in 3 - 60 m, the length of the multiples of 3 or 5 meters of the infinite extension, even if is a large sports can also be easily satisfied. Suitable for table tennis, badminton, basketball, football, tennis, swimming and other sports, can easily realize the advantages of a pavilion is multi-purpose. In addition to the basic framework and tarpaulins, says there also provides perfect awning room facilities, such as air conditioners, furniture, floor, exhaust system, etc. , let you even on a hot summer day, you can feel the cool autumn. Give you one-stop service is the goal of our efforts, let the tent is more popular for basketball stadium is our expectation.
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