A Guide to Hiking the John Muir Trail

by:COSCO     2019-08-10
If you are familiar with the famous nature photographer Ansel Adams, you may know that Yosemite National Park is one of his favorite places to shoot.
Adams created some of his most famous masterpieces in the days of Yosemite, including the familiar \"Moon and semi-dome \".
\"But did you know that if it weren\'t for one person, Yosemite National Park might not exist at all? John Muir (1838-1914)
Still one of the world\'s most famous naturalists and environmental activists-
There are good reasons.
He devoted his life to nature and its protection, established and served as president of the Sierra Club, and led the conservation work, which eventually led to the establishment of the United States. S.
National park program
He even spent three days camping in Yosemite with President Roosevelt.
Source: Club Sierra!
In 1915, a year after Moore\'s death, the Sierra Club began to build iconic trails in memory of him ---
A distance of more than 200 miles (322 kilometers)
Across three national parks
Source: Club Sierra.
The trail was completed in 1938 and remains one of the most popular and respected hiking tours in the world today.
Attracted by Moore\'s impassioned work-
Not to mention the most beautiful scenery in America. S. --
Nature lovers hike the John Moore Trail, linked to what the author James flahoth calls Moore\'s \"enhanced sense of discovery [1]. . . ]
Not just watching the mountain, but feeling the mountain. source: Vlahos].
If you\'re hiking on the John Moore Trail
Known affectionately as JMT)
You will meet the mountains that Moore cherishes most.
We will explore the terrain of this trail on the next page.
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