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A successful car outdoor trade fair need to match what kind of aluminum alloy truss, advertising tents and banner ads

by:COSCO     2020-08-23
Says there is a frame tent has ten years production experience of the factory, not only can provide our guests with customized tent, truss and the flags, advertising display products, but also the good helper of your outdoor exhibition event planning. On November 14, 2018, says there and a local event planning company plan together for a car exhibition activities. Different according to the requirements of each booth, says there were launched 6 m and 9 m frame tent awning room room for big car show has provided a broad space, says there is configured on the seat at the same time, let a guest have a place to rest, more human. In outer space, meanwhile, says there provides a 6 x6 m aluminium alloy folding frame tent, advertising business in car accessories for promotion. In addition, in each exhibition tent near, says there are configured with the aluminum alloy customized ads type knife flag let businesses everywhere. In the dining area, says there provides us 4 x12 meters of aluminum alloy truss as a dining area, at the same time with our waterproof sunscreen PVC tarpaulin for 850 g. Dining area no matter what the weather, it provides a comfortable environment for our guests for dinner.
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