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About three different storage awning room contrast material of industrial production

by:COSCO     2020-08-21
Although the enterprise has a lot of factory warehouse requirements, but because of traditional warehouse construction cost is high, the build time is long, most tend to choose more flexible economy new warehouse tent, but on the market all kinds of tent is uneven, no matter from the material or scope of using are very different. So says there below from different aspects to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of different awning room, for reference only. If you still have other questions, can send email to discuss with us. 1. : for aluminum alloy structure storage warehouse is awning room USES unit of aluminum alloy structure composite structure of the temporary buildings, have 3 - regular span Length of 70 meters, according to the requirements can be infinite extension, the main body is composed of basic movable frame and tarpaulins, framework is given priority to with high strength aluminum alloy profiles, fitting is given priority to with steel and galvanized processing, have a strong anticorrosion ability, so the normal use for a long time in the outdoor 20 years all have no problem ( Need to cooperate to properly maintain and periodically check) 。 And convenient storage, has small volume, easy to transport, security is very good, structures, characteristics of quick and convenient, and can also build the migration to use more. 2. Steel structure warehouse tent: steel structure building is a very common warehouse tent, its structure adopted gb Q235 steel, cover material with high strength PVC membrane material, so its advantage is very safe, stable, and a variety of sizes to meet the needs of different applications, standardization, modular processing production structures, efficient and convenient, long service life can be used as a permanent or semi-permanent storage. But poor corrosion resistance of steel structure, especially on tide and corrosive medium environment requires regular maintenance and renovation. 3. Inflatable structure warehouse frame tent: inflatable structure storage tent is high strength, high flexible thin film materials, prevent bask in, windshield rain resistance, fire retardant, using the seal air pressure inside the space support principle, forming large span without beam column of the warehouse building. Its the biggest advantage of membrane material light weight, internal with pressure support without beam, column, so the transportation is quite quick and easy setup, at the same time more easily than other storage tent build large span of space. But relatively bad place is need storage requires 24-hour inflatable frame tent, and the follow-up maintenance costs are relatively high. And inflatable tent need to check a lot of structure, so more and more be adopted.
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