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Activities - awning room How much size of activity awning room for beer festival?

by:COSCO     2020-09-12
Summer, the annual festival activities and to kick off, many domestic enterprises have to join to the festival procession. Beer festival activities for more than ten days commonly, mainly held outdoors, it also makes the activities of awning room is the important carrier of the whole ceremony. As is known to all, 6, 7 month every year is hot and rainy season, the weather adds a lot of difficulty to beer festival, the oktoberfest awning room as a 'safe haven' of the whole activity, it can not only for you from the rain, also can let the merchants in their respective activities tent above for printed on its own unique logo or advertising slogans, can very good promotion effect, to bring more benefits to businesses. So how much activity awning room size for beer festival? The modelling of beer festival tent can choose what? Used for October festival activities tent first need for large area net across space, to meet the multiple beer brand, so the internal space need to be able to accommodate a large number of people drink at the same time. So, for the October festival activities tent at least 20 - span size Length of 50 meters, need according to the site situation and needs no restrictions on their activities, the general area in 800 - about a beer in greenhouse About 3000 square meters. Speaking of awning room modelling, herringbone canopy room generally USES the large span structures of the net, internal WuZhiZhu, space can be used very well. For such activities, herringbone canopy room as a tent to use for oktoberfest is perfect. Shading in addition to block rain, festival activities tent tent as far as possible not to use transparent tent, and awning room equipped with complete equipment such as: carpet, air conditioning, lights, cloth, etc. Besides of canopy room, there are still many people choose to try the spherical frame tent to October festival. Spherical activity awning room also has a large size of the specifications of the optional, unique and novel appearance, merchants can also be used in all external painting to add to the novelty of the activity. In sorching summer, in addition to the beer festival activities, there are a lot of food festival, festival and some of the sports events, activities awning room can provide a comfortable space for you. If you also have the unique music festival tent, or second-hand awning room such as demand, welcome to inquire, tent company for says there will be tailored for you the appropriate activity awning room and provide a perfect price.
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