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Activity tent rental for the use of the characteristics of the space and structure

by:COSCO     2020-09-12
As for modern fashion, the quality of life and yearning, and outdoor space elements, also can become so special. All kinds of supporting facilities and colorful variety of decorate, let two perfect reveal the extremely rich individual character style and taste, let everything become so incredible. Now many businesses, shopping malls in outdoor activities will choose awning room doing temporary buildings, convenient and simple and safe, cost-effective. Activity frame tent rental for the application of a wide range, according to the requirements of different structures, different houses. Below small make up said the event tent rental for the use of the characteristics of space and structure. Activity tent house is for rent has long been used in various outdoor exhibition, business promotion, large-scale activities, etc. , while the activities of two main body structure is simple, but for its great practical convenience and safety, make its can be used as temporary buildings used outdoors for a long time. , for whatever the activity the subject structure is made up of metal frame and awning body of two parts, the different awning room is not the same of the frame structure and the conventional awning room generally USES is modular structure, tent is used for spherical dome structure, and the two selected material basically is given priority to with aluminum alloy frame, has also can choose steel structure of the tent, but its quality is better than aluminum alloy is a bit poor. awning body is mainly choose the PVC knife scraping coating, and covered the body will be divided into top cloth, apron, overlock cloth, is used to cover the top cloth covered roof, because need shading to block rain for a long time, so will generally choose quality tarpaulins, like a cloth will often adopt the gram weight of 850 g/square PVC tarpaulin, and like tent wai cloth and overlock cloth can choose for 650 g/square PVC tarpaulin, sidewall if there are special requirements also can choose other tent body material. The awning room regular span for 3 - 40 meters, while a tent on the span was limited, but unit modular structure can make the tent length for the infinite extension, bring frame tent specifications for a variety of changes, like 3 - 12 m span small tent, its length can be extended according to 3 m, and some of the large size of tent can be extended according to 5 meters interval demand, can satisfy the customer different activities of awning room requirements, and modular structure is convenient in installation and removal, endowed with the flexible characteristics of awning room can move. rental for the first outdoor use sun rain wind resistance ability, so as to ensure the smooth progress of outdoor activities, it tent rental tarpaulins for activities are a number of international institutions tested, shading, waterproof, flame retardant, resistance to tear, the ability to resist uv, so can make the activity from the effects of various outdoor weather. And tent frame material for high strength T6061 aluminum alloy, can resist 8 - 10 levels of winds, and the service life is up to 20 years, assurance activities frame tent can be used outdoors for a long time. Awning room is simple, but its practicality and applicability are not small guide. Awning room can meet the needs of the customer to carry out all kinds of activities, and corresponding facilities and professional. Awning room can make you full of unique creative ideas and imagination. Different activities with awning room is tie-in, the sense that gives a person is not the same, the emergence of the tent for outdoor become more rich and colorful, it frequently appears in various kinds of outdoor activities, and in harmony with nature, and became a outdoor scenery.
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