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All aluminum tent storage advantage, who with who know

by:COSCO     2020-09-22
For companies, especially the production-oriented enterprises, if control is not good in terms of storage cost, will affect the enterprise's economy. Traditional capacity of the concrete structure of warehouse at the time of season adjustment is not flexible, and as a new warehouse space, warehousing frame tent can reasonable to adjust the storage space of the enterprise, and get the favour of many industries. This, of course, and its advantages are inseparable: says there warehouse USES aluminium frame tents, safety stable, can resist 8 - 10 class gale; Peripheral adopts double coated PVC tarpaulin material, waterproof, sunscreen, flame retardant performance, can effectively ensure the safety of the warehouse the goods. Whole aluminum storage tent as half nine temporary outdoor construction, must will provide complete configuration. Says there in addition to framework as well as wai cloth, cloth, there are many facilities are available, such as ABS, sandwich wall, glass curtain wall, wall cloth curtain, air conditioning, floor, furniture, etc. , can make reasonable choice according to the enterprise actual demand. Whole aluminum storage tents for the enterprise to provide in addition to pay attention to the safety of warehouse space, and its practicability. Pure aluminum tent storage with flexible way of prefabricated building, can increase the space in time of need, when not needed can be reduced or even removed, when to use, can stay and continue installation. Says there warehouse tent in build time can greatly save time cost, short building period, can be set up within the day of about 1000 square meters of warehouse, and can be quickly put into use, won't keep enterprise related arrangement. In addition to the above advantages, outdoor full aluminium storage tents and there are many advantages for you to discover, welcome to inquire
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