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Aluminum alloy natatorium awning room truly useful function more than a tent

by:COSCO     2020-08-15
Hot summer day is coming, summer is cool and refreshing and strong body where everyone is easy to think of is the swimming pool. Domestic indoor swimming pool usually only upscale hotels have a new stadium or school, and regular outdoor swimming pool and is easy to be affected by the weather. Says there has been committed to let 'to make my life simple and comfortable' as the client's objectives. So we each summer is aluminium alloy the natatorium awning room, provides the outdoor swimming pool with a personalized outdoor indoor solution. Standard swimming pool width is 50 meters and 21 meters respectively, says there's aluminum alloy large span from 5 - awning room 60 meters of arbitrary order, the length is 3 - 5 meters indefinitely. So you can according to the size of the swimming pool, swimming pool is tailored to a warm suitable & quot; Clothes & quot; 。 Traditional swimming pool construction engineering cost is huge, structures, long construction period, the formalities for examination and approval is also responsible for. Awning room easy installation and set up quickly, remove the storage is also very quick, repeated utilization ratio is high, as a temporary building, administrative examination and approval formalities awning room also convenient. Says there aluminium alloy tent in addition to the application in the swimming pool for swimming pool, but also can be used in other sports venues, like badminton hall awning room, table tennis hall awning room, basketball stadium sports event frame tent awning room as activity places. So one tent is multi-purpose, reduced the seasonal economic loss, more in line with the says there frame tent manufacturing 'more, faster, better,' the four goals of policy. If you want to know more details or view more details says there aluminum alloy natatorium awning room, welcome to contact our customer service, we will provide the best solution for you at the first time.
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