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Aluminum alloy outdoor awning room to build new children's outdoor recreation center of the classroom

by:COSCO     2020-08-15
Since 2018, tent rental business for many think business activities or party tents marquees party tents marquees market has been saturated, become more and more difficult. So often come to consultation says there frame tent manufacturing for which products are popular. Actually awning room always hard to saturated market, because the product update quickly, invariable awning room have been replaced. Awning room demand and function is extended to different areas, so says there tents, awning room for the new, to create different products to satisfy the customer's requirements. Says there awning room today - to introduce a new purpose - - Two type of the classroom. received more and more residential area for the half-year, says there awning room project. In addition to business, industry and exhibition, the temporary buildings are also used in community activity room, school, there are many more occasions. Modern community function is more and more perfect, children will get again after 10 90 in front of the children the same freedom, but more than 90 children in front of the safe zone to play, and this is our modern facilities comprehensive community classroom - — The real community children's amusement park. Now, we want to do is to add more hasten is reasonable facilities. Senior community learning for use in a warm house -- — Two of the classroom. At the same time, the advantage of the awning room lies in mobile and dismantling. Can adjust measures to local conditions to make the size, and be ready to walk down the other, the construction of the new local wind 80 km/h for plain area, adequate to meet the safety of the outdoor. is used for all 6061 / T6 aluminum alloy and fire retardant double PVC synthetic fiber cloth, more powerful than closed space.
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