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Aluminum alloy temporary industrial warehouse storage tents

by:COSCO     2020-08-15
Warehouse for factories and logistics transit are indispensable. Regardless of whether they are used for temporary storage, or goods transfer is a good choice. But now due to the cost of manpower, continuously create a fixed on the warehouse on cost and time of have a lot of factories. Also somebody want to lease a warehouse, but because of the maintenance costs and had to terminate. Many factories in the busy time there will be a lot of goods need to stored in the warehouse, because the area is finite, and build a new warehouse will spend much more time and cost. Says there outside in order to solve this problem, and logistics support factory custom aluminum alloy temporary industrial warehouse storage tents. Aluminum alloy temporary industrial warehouse storage tents no weight-bearing pillars. Temporary make aluminum alloy industrial warehouse storage frame tent utilization rate reached 100%, forklift truck can be in the tents of the aluminum alloy industrial warehouse storage temporarily free transport of goods. Temporary industrial warehouse storage is built according to the practice of aluminium alloy frame tent, can withstand wind speed of 80 km/h. Can choose any width, length is not restricted. Temporary industrial warehouse storage tents all around is by aluminum alloy sandwich wall roof made of waterproof and flame retardant PVC, even if it rains, will not damage the goods. Temporary says there aluminum alloy industrial warehouse storage frame tent short construction time, can ensure the safety of aluminum alloy material, at the same time can in a short time can set up a temporary warehouse, covers an area of less, using a vast area. If you are looking for our temporary industrial warehouse storage tents, aluminum alloy and other questions, please feel free to contact our customer service, we will provide the best quality service for you at the first time.
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