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Aluminum alloy white PVC outdoor tent PVC tarpaulin is broken for activity should be how to repair

by:COSCO     2020-08-18
Outdoor aluminum alloy white PVC tent is very strong for activities, but, after all, isn't fixed and buildings in the process of use, loss may occur. Aluminum alloy white PVC outdoor tent of aluminum alloy stent for activities rarely appear quality problem, the guests are most concerned about PVC tarpaulin for damage. After all, an outdoor aluminum alloy white PVC tent of tarpaulin for activities if there is anything wrong, will affect the whole. So, tarpaulins is as long as the damaged can't use? Actually when it encounters a tarnished tarpaulins, first don't rush away, but first of all aluminum alloy white PVC outdoor tent of tarpaulin for activities is one of loss of judgment. Tarpaulin damage also need as the case may be. If the lesions of the hole is small, in does not affect the use of case still can continue to use; If the broken hole is bigger, the need to implement remedial measures as soon as possible; If the damage is very serious, can be installed as soon as possible to buy a new tent. For hole degree in can remedy within the scope of the operation method is as follows: 1, to the lesions were measured, according to the measured size cut two pieces of larger tarpaulins than break. 2, use glue to patch tarpaulin respectively from inside and outside adhesion to the tarpaulins, adhesive glue evenly daub along the edge of the reoccupy after finish, such repair patches are more secure. 3, if there are conditions can be under tarpaulins disassembly, outdoor aluminum alloy white PVC tent manufacturer with professional for activities of ironing machine have patches and outdoor aluminum alloy white PVC frame tent complete adhesive for activities. However, even for the repair, tarpaulins patch just broken tactic, proposal or change new tarpaulins reinstall, in order to avoid greater losses. Says there would be a tent manufacturing more than 10 years, we never did one hammer buying and selling of the business, as long as you buy our outdoor aluminum alloy white PVC tent, for activities of any problems in use process, can consult our online customer service, we will provide the best quality service for you at the first time.
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