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another seaside motor camp for sale

by:COSCO     2019-08-07
In the summer of 2019, vacationers may see the last tent and steak cooking in a popular, long barbecue
The Auckland harbor camp was established on the shore of Port manuau.
The wyeukusanzate motor camp, which has been a holiday destination since the beginning of the last century, is now on sale and has several options to choose from for future forms.
\"Real estate sales predict that the car camp may retire and become a housing enclave,\" said Mike Adams of Bayleys . \" He and his colleague Virginia · marketing on the 9 th, 11 th, 13 th and 15 th Rangiwhea Rd from Monday was sold by bid at four o\'clock P. M. on May 16-
Unless the property is sold in advance.
The car camp for sale features bayley\'s latest general Property Portfolio magazine, which includes its freehold land and numerous buildings.
Within the vicinity of Meadow sand mouth reserve and tide boat-
Water ramp boutique hotel-
Size camp serves a group of loyal holidaymakers from Auckland, Waikato and many regions who often live in holiday parks during Christmas and New Year holidays until summer.
The car camp is good too-
Frequented by \"walking\" guests, seeking the tranquil atmosphere of smaller, affordable oceanfront accommodations not far from Auckland and Hamilton.
\"Decades after receiving thousands of campers and vacationers, the owners of the camp --
\"Operators are now looking to retire and sell,\" Adams said . \".
\"The land occupied by Sandspit Motor Camp is zoned for residential single use-which means that commercial accommodation business may continue to be used if the new owner seeks a new business license from the Auckland Council.
\"In terms of land and construction alone, the council rating for the car camp is valued at $2,275,000 and there is no such business.
However, with a new permit approved, the camp can be purchased as a free property and \"turned\"key\' going-
Focus on business operations-
Complete all operating infrastructure including: 11 standard openplan cabins;
10 separate grass for tent campers;
Public toilet, bathroom, kitchen, laundry facilities;
And a lot of three-Bedroom and twobathroom, two-
Floor owner/manager\'s house by the sea-
The part facing the website.
\"It reflects the core of Kiwiana\'s set from past times to its --
Infrastructure, \"said Adams.
\"The cottage is basic but fully functional --
From then on, the family talks at the table about Billy lantern lighting, or plays cricket on the grass outside, not in charming tents or in luxurious Winnebago
\"Sandspit Motor Camp can maintain its current form-maintain a\" lifestyle \"business for any new owner/operator, or a temporary labor accommodation center, accommodate hundreds of immigrant fruits and are now employed in the county area during the peak of the fruit harvest season.
\"Or, it is possible to expand the strong\" bones \"of the camp by adding more huts, or to upgrade and modernize the existing unit inventory, to provide a greater degree of guest comfort many families are now seeking.
\"Another future use option for the Web to stand under its council division is the potential to create boutiques --
Large commercial accommodation for 10 people.
The 6529sq m motor camp, which is held in four phases, currently offers a variety of accommodation options, from the Electric RV camp and tent camp to the budget, Zhou said --priced cabins.
She said that the four separate titles of the camp could be obtained from Rangiwhea Rd, and the two main seaside sections were 2456sq and 2049sq, respectively.
\"With the consent of the appropriate Council, the sale represents an opportunity to create more and smaller parts within a larger block-some of which face the Port of manucau directly, while others follow suit
\"The broad guidelines for residential single-family residential areas are based on special features-in this case mature waterfront trees-to maintain and enhance the existing comfort value of established surrounding communities
Of course, there is the waterfront landscape, and the entrance to the sanzit reserve, \"Zhou said.
\"Under the definition of this partition
In a place usually characterized by one and two, unit development is not expected
Multi-storey house.
\"Waiuku, like other pakklin towns Pukekohe, Tuakau, Clarks Beach and Patumahoe, as part of the urban limits of Auckland over the past decade,MUL)
With the emergence of a large number of new housing development sites, the real estate market continues to expand.
Few, however, have the seaside positioning of the sanzit motor camp.
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