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Assembled structure of the aluminum alloy awning room than ordinary awning room seven advantages

by:COSCO     2020-08-15
The outdoor use temporary buildings commonly used in steel structure buildings, aluminum awning room, gas film, etc. , and which to use prefabricated structure frame tent on the market the most widely used for aluminum alloy, the prefabricated full aluminum awning room have what advantage? Says there today is to introduce the difference between awning room and ordinary awning room. Aluminum awning room, steel structure, the gas film building three each have advantages and disadvantages in application, the three biggest difference on the structure and material, so small make up the following from the material and structure analysis of all the advantages of aluminum awning room: aluminum alloy density is small, the density of aluminum is only 1/3 of the density of steel, is typical of lightweight materials, ideal for high and large span buildings, aluminum alloy space structure weight is much lighter than the steel structure, can reduce the construction of the bearing pressure, and on the delivery and installation are much more dominant. High strength aluminum alloy: although aluminum alloy material density is small, light weight, but its have high strength, strong in the aluminum alloy material is more than 300 mpa, the equivalent of Q235 steel. So in the practical application of good wind resistance and bearing capacity, stable and reliable in safety. Good corrosion resistance, aluminum alloy steel was one of the biggest problems more prone to corrosion, even in the long stainless steel is also hard to avoid corrosion problems. Compared with aluminum alloy has better corrosion resistance, and surface beautiful, also can prevent corrosion, even in the humid coastal areas also won't because of corrosion problems and affect the safety and use, service life is as long as 20 years!
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