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Auto show tent use need to be configured for these facilities

by:COSCO     2020-09-07
Auto show tent in structures, using time not to buy or lease the tent is enough for the auto show, sometimes also need some other supporting facilities, such as glass, glass door, lighting equipment and air conditioning, floor, etc. Why do you want to configure these related facilities, this is a reason for that. 1, glass/hardware wall: will let awning room looks more strong, and the glass wall can be show from multiple vehicles, for auto show tent is a good choice. 2, lighting facilities: auto show is bound to have a lot of activities, so the lighting is indispensable, it is also the show of lighting awning room facilities often configuration. 3, air conditioning system: in the summer, show frame tent is relatively more hot inside the room, so the air conditioning system is particularly important, to attend the auto show, a part of the environment is also very important, if extreme heat or cold, so who have a car, so the air conditioning system is an indispensable in the auto show awning room facilities. We told everyone tent of these facilities for the auto show, is also the experience summed up, remind everybody in rental car awning room, can choose to lease with the relevant supporting facilities, and more convenient to match.
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