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Awning room for the epidemic prevention and quarantine station supply in guangzhou a few places

by:COSCO     2020-09-15
With China's epidemic prevention and control of the path to success, definitely not to assist various outdoor things, for the outdoor awning room, can play the role of far greater than other things. Because the scope of awning room is wide, not only is a quarantine awning room, epidemic prevention awning room, also can be used in high-speed exit quarantine station. So far can assist the various places of quarantine work, improve the inspection work is not affected by the weather. Wide the tent is contains several different modelling for epidemic prevention, and each model has the advantages of each model in different places need to customize, optimization of addresses to use awning room, from the point of this paragraph of time, wide tent manufacturer supply several epidemic prevention for the two different places in guangzhou. A: guangzhou baiyun airport quarantine station supplies the three sets of canopy room, awning room specification is 5 m * 5 m, awning room seating capacity is limited, but for quarantine work, is a personal lined up according to the test, so will not result in a crowded problem, can effectively solve the in and out of the airfield and quarantine work. As a quarantine station emergency temporary building space, it is very much in need at the airport. 2: the provision of housing exit quarantine station each a set of specifications is 3 m * 3 m's frame tent, for quarantine and disinfection awning room, etc. , built a wall to protect and improve the perfect degree of the quarantine work, not affected by the weather problems, and affect the quarantine work schedule. Inspection and quarantine of the memorial arch awning room, set up quarantine center, strictly controls the arch of the quarantine of entry, can better improve the efficiency of inspection and quarantine work, based on different arch awning room became a quarantine site, also brings a security role. 3: wide community entrances quarantine station the frame tent can be used for emergency response for prevention of temporary tent and rapid deployment of emergency preparedness for building awning room, very suitable for installation in the village streets exit quarantine awning room, strict controls of residential area of quarantine station, strict screening for fever, is secure sites in the community, tent set up can be optimized for solve the problem of the temporary buildings needed for the quarantine station. Wide of the epidemic prevention awning room, in addition to the supply, in more than a few places also contains a roundabout, supermarket accesses, enterprise accesses, and so on. Provides a secure, for you also for the place of quarantine work applied to the awning room, can be in good condition, for quarantine work environment in any environment in any weather will not cause a quarantine work concerns. If you are looking for 'wide tent, for the epidemic prevention quarantine station supply in guangzhou in a few places' have any doubt can contact our website online customer service, will serve you the first time. We always adhere to: integrity-based, quality first, the independent innovation;
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