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California: The grandeur of Yosemite

by:COSCO     2019-08-10
It really hit you when you left the tunnel.
We were warned in advance.
The tunnel is long, dark and horrible.
We have been told that what may happen in the end will overwhelm us.
We may have been cheated.
That\'s not what they said.
But it\'s not a joke when we see it.
It\'s hard to understand that all you can do is drop your chin.
When the morning sun lights up the valleys, mountains and forests, Yosemite must be the loveliest place on Earth.
Yosemite celebrated October as a national park in 125, although Abraham Lincoln signed a bill to protect Yosemite Valley and its adjacent areas earlier in 1864.
The old National Park is located in California\'s push toward Nevada, about a 5-hour drive east of San Francisco.
At almost every turning point, the scenery is amazing and incredible.
Sporadic droughts and the effects of wind, rain, snow and fire add vitality to the landscape.
Of course, there are more tourists and roads here now than Lincoln festival, but from the tunnel lookout you can see the most famous landscape of the park, which has not changed from the landscape that surprised tourists several generations ago.
On the left is El Capitan, 900 high, a granite boulder that stands after the glaciers wash out the softer rocks.
Across the dark green valley, the semi-dome, the symbol of another park.
If that\'s not the case, we can also see a big waterfall called brittellier falls, but there is no complaint here.
Yosemite was, as expected, very popular and our glowing guide Frank told us that people had to book their stay in the park one year in advance. The New Jersey-
Oakland residents were born in Zambia when they were young and have seen a lot of the world, but Yosemite still makes Frank respect.
We had a busy schedule and we walked a lot.
The Sentinel Dome is a rock that dates back to the heyday of the dinosaurs. it makes us feel like we are strangers in this world, a newcomer on a planet made up of old gray rocks and scattered trees bravely rises from the height of the wind.
There are many quiet paths here.
Frank told us that a place called Taft Point might be worth a visit.
We explore on our own and meet some of the huge sequoia and wildlife in the park.
An adolescent black bear came into view from the sidewalk.
It sits around chewing vegetation.
It has a casual sense of superiority.
The dull man smiled.
The bear returned to the bush.
On the Road to Taft Point, the trees advance toward a variety of boulders.
The blue sky appeared again, the Air changed, and a new broad appeared. Taft Point. V-
The cracks formed in the Granite can see the scenery of the valley below.
Some of the huge rocks rolled down from the cracks, then got stuck and saved from falling to a distance.
Go to the edge of the cliff, step carefully, crawl --
300 m on the edge
Instantly triggered a surge in adrenaline. Where\'s Frank?
Frank\'s feet are swaying on the side.
As he sat next to the crack, on a huge rock, he was full of youthful vigor, and from a distance the rock was like a stacked pancake.
As night falls, we head to Yosemite worm in the town of Songsong.
The bug is a quirky collection of brightly colored huts outside the National Park, but still in Mariposa (
\"Butterfly\" is in Spanish)County.
Each cabin, known as the \"country mountain resort\", seems to have a different theme inside --
Mine is bright, and Picasso.
The inspiration comes from Cubist painting.
The Bug\'s restaurant serves local food and beer, and our host tells us a few stories, including the unfortunate case that a bear fatally attacked a local man a few months ago.
In the morning, Frank took us to a place in the valley.
Watch the sunrise there.
We are very close to the stongman grass, a peaceful place to encourage meditation.
It was also the scene of the riots in July 4, 1970 when park rangers tried to disperse a large group of hippies accused of illegally camping in the area, but failed.
On the floor of the valley, next to the busy swimming pool, the bike rental center offers a pleasant way to visit Yosemite\'s bike lane.
It takes a few minutes to adapt to a fixed-
Bike with no brakes, but now there is no rush hour, the driver will be polite when the trail meets the road.
Late summer and early spring, the air is clear, the sky is blue, in the warm days, under the trees and granite boulders, riding on the bridge above the river, is an unparalleled experience.
Walking out of the valley and back to San Francisco through the golden rolling hills of California, one can\'t help but feel more grateful.
The grandeur of Yosemite makes life trivial, and the daily struggle does not matter.
There is only one thing to worry about: how do we get back to Yosemite?
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