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camp swaps tents for cabins

by:COSCO     2019-08-07
A popular campground in Coromandel is the phasing out of more than half of the tent grounds to make way for more huts and villas.
But Ian Carter, director of Haiping resort, said six were developed.
The 7ha beachside camp will take place over 45 years, so no tent space will be removed immediately.
The Carter family began farming the land 50 years ago. year-
The old camp has been established and approved by the Thames
The coromander District Council will be in the long termterm plan.
Development based on tourism needs allows for the construction of roof accommodation, including more cottages and villas, and the reduction of 325 tent sites to 150.
\"This gives us the opportunity to provide accommodation throughout the year, and people basically just want to use tents for six weeks and two months of the year,\" Mr Carter said . \".
The resort can accommodate up to 1275 people, including caravans and camper, but Carter says the camp has only an annual occupancy rate, compared to about a motel.
After nearly five years of planning, it was approved by resources.
One contains two-
A one-day hearing was held on last October, with 26 objections to development and 20 supported.
Mr. Carter said that when the tent site will be eliminated depends on changes in the economic climate and camping model.
\"It\'s back to camping now, but this summer has actually proved [camping]
If the weather is clear and there is no cloud at night, it doesn\'t matter.
But once it\'s a bit raining, everyone will pack up and go home.
This has a great impact on the entire local camp.
Carter says the family has five to 45 years of conceptual planning.
Karen Blair, a member of the HA Hei Reserve Board, said the group opposed the change in the private plan because there was no landscape plan and because it was concerned about the public area along the waigmore River at one end of the camp.
\"If the car camp, in its long term
Term development, once subdivided, then that potential reserve along the wigermore River should return to the public, if the camp is allowed to be built on the basis of this potential reserve, then, the chances of the public getting it back are very slim.
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