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Can also be used as gym awning room?

by:COSCO     2020-09-10
As sub-health population increasing and increasing development of sports for all, this also led to a variety of sports venues, the phenomenon of the 'one ticket is hard to find. The emergence of awning room, solved the embarrassing phenomenon well. At this point, you might ask, can also be used as a gym awning room? Yes, the answer is, of course. In our normal thinking, the gym is some traditional construction sites, long construction period, construction cost is high, the lack of flexibility. And awning room compared with the traditional site cost of low cost, short building period, can in a very short period of time set up completed and put into use, so often called sports awning room. Awning room 3 - span 60 m, the length can be according to the 3 m or 5 m multiples of infinite extension, we can according to the actual needs of their own to the project design, can be used as a swimming pool awning room, basketball court, football pavilion tent awning room room, ma libraries awning room and so on. In addition to the main site, we can also in some internal design bathroom, room, dressing room, dining area and other area, make a space to achieve higher utilization rate. If there are any late a large sports events can always expand the usable floor area, so as to adapt to demand more activity. Says there frame tent frame tent products for all company adopt aluminum alloy frame, USES the modular design method to build. Build speed, structural safety, can effectively guarantee activities orderly sequences of events in a variety of weather conditions. Tarpaulin adopts double coated PVC cloth, waterproof sunscreen and flame retardant, service life not less than five years. If you are interested in this frame tent, welcome to inquire.
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