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canadian painter jeremy price’s new solo show is unabashed love letter to montreal

by:COSCO     2020-04-13
When not to create interactive 3-
As an art director, he draws four hours of city views at home every night, the city he falls in love.
\"Montreal is a beautiful city in the traditional\" painting \"sense, and I love one aspect of it,\" said the handsome price, who grew up in London, Ontario, then joined the UBC five years ago before moving to Montreal.
\"But I think what attracts me most in Montreal is its basic character, its personality.
There is a very strong atmosphere in the city, different neighborhoods and streets.
They are all unique, but also part of the city as a whole.
Multiply it all by the extremes of the four incredible seasons, which I think sums up this very well.
\"In some of his new 2013 Montreal paintings, look at what exactly the price means.
Montreal is also the second star of price.
On 2011, at the art exhibition held at the Ctrl Lab Gallery, the painter caused a stir on the local art stage.
But the price has been very eye-catching.
\"I can always draw and at least convey an idea.
I used to paint when I was a child, but for whatever reason I stopped.
Painting requires work.
It\'s really easy to rust.
I have only been painting it seriously for a few years and it is definitely still developing.
Price told me that his favorite painter has always been a Canadian artist.
\"Jean Paul Lemieux for his clear work, Alex Colville for his absolute surgical process, Jean Paul Riopel for his color and application
Greg Keno was also influential when I was growing up.
\"In terms of my money, when you look at Price\'s work, you only know that you are looking at Canadian paintings-and brilliant Montreal paintings.
\"I don\'t think I\'m going to scout places on purpose,\" Price said . \" From April to November, he rode his bike every day from NDG to work at Warner day on the plateau.
\"I often think that from where I started, I would have some strong feelings and things I wanted to capture.
For example, we had a lot of snow this winter.
I \'ve always felt that the snow-capped bare tree was really beautiful, so I tried to incorporate it into my recent paintings. ”.
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