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CCI students collect insects for global science project

by:COSCO     2019-08-11
As part of an ongoing scientific research program, a group of seniors at Collingwood College spent part of Earth Day setting up an discomfort trap to collect insects.
Students of the special education teacher Amy Bishop link program will collect insects for two weeks.
Insects are naturally attracted by the white roof of the grid tent
Like a structure that tries to escape.
Insects are directed to the top of the trap and enter the collection bottles filled with ethanol, where they will be trapped.
Ethanol holds insects and their DNA.
They will then send the results for analysis to the Ontario Institute of Biodiversity and the University of Guelph.
Researchers there are assigning DNA barcodes to species in the province to find out how many species there are.
It is estimated that at least 12,000 insects have not yet been found in Canada.
The Ontario Institute of Biodiversity receives samples from around the world.
Similar traps have been set up in other parts of Ontario, some of which are managed by students in primary and secondary schools.
Some new species were found in the samples collected by the students.
Bishop\'s students will no longer focus on the science behind the project, but more on the team work needed to monitor traps and collect data.
The researchers will send a report outlining which samples have been collected during the two years
A week back to school.
The course plans to share the results with other students in the school through a presentation.
The trap was named after Swedish entomologist René plain, who invented the device in 1934.
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