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Charlie Sheen Opens the Circus but His Tent Collapses Amid Boos

by:COSCO     2019-08-16
On Saturday night, a hyped \"my violent truth torpedo/Failure Is Not an Option\" tour by Charlie Xin at Detroit\'s Fox Theater was sold --
From a standing ovation to a shower for the star, the crowd who finally cried \"refund.
\"It\'s not so much a winning performance as a victory.
Things started unlucky.
Comedian Kirk Fox comes to warm up for the noisy crowd at 8: 10 p. m. most of them spend a lot of time booing this poor guy.
A few minutes later, Charlie came out and kissed Jimmy Kimmel, Fox, trying to save him.
\"Celebrate This man,\" he said.
I promise I will be back soon.
\"But it turns out it could be a high point in the evening.
Charlie came back around 9 to start the show, showing the goddess Nat and Brie in winning
Shirt, let them make it. (
Okay, maybe that\'s the high point. )
Later, the goddesses burned one of his signature two and a Half Men\'s shirts.
The show soon became a parody of film clips.
Great white shark, Dirty Harry, platoon, etc. )
Strange short play and unstable statement
Provide a long, rambling man
His \"Manny-Fest-
\"Oh,\" Xin seemed to have lost the crowd, and the booing began to rain about 20 minutes later.
The next group on the video screen is \"tracking Crazy\", collecting random news clips, fans
The generated video references the animation of the drug and the \"Call\" video that is being played to the voiceover. \"Winning!
\"All set to drum-and-
Bass music.
After that, Charlie sat in the front row watching a short film called \"RPG (
Rocket-propelled grenades).
\"This is a kind of transcendence,\" explains Sheen . \".
But after about 5 minutes, booing also flooded the film.
So Xin came out to catch the ball with a former baseball player and apologized.
So RPG is a bomb. Whatever!
It\'s an experiment tonight.
\"After a few more short plays and clips, the crowd really began to shine and yell at people in constant booing.
Xin finally snapped, \"Stop your voice for a second and pay attention to the person you paid to see.
Tell the guy next to you to stop booing because he will ruin the rest of your life.
Xin was obviously flustered and he left the script and told the audience that he was \"calling the voice\" and changed his direction.
But, as a rapper, the audience\'s acceptance has not improved before introducing the video of SnoopDogg\'s new song \"win.
But by then, Xin even lost his hardcore fans.
At the end of 10: 10 p. m. , houselights appeared without explanation or announcement, and the performance was over.
\"I have no impression.
I expect more because of all the hype
Tell E Goer Tricia Price!
News after the show
\"The wreckage of the big train.
\"I feel sorry for him,\" said her husband, Don Price . \".
\"It\'s too bad. I want to run up and save him. \"The sold-
The show was the first of 22 games he planned to perform in the United States. S.
And Canada next month.
Former Cohen guitarist Rob Patterson provides musical interlude on the guitar. The 4,700-
The seating theater was officially sold out, and hundreds of fans paid up to $575 for a back-office meeting --and-greet package.
Tickets on the balcony range from $35 to $80.
Xin announced on his website that he will donate $1 from each ticket sold to the Japan Red Cross Earthquake Relief Fund.
So at least this program is good for some people.
Warlock will now travel to Chicago for the Sunday evening show, and the tour is scheduled to continue in Seattle until May 3.
After more than 15 minutes after the performance inexplicably ended (
The usher is vacuuming the carpet.
Charliecame back on stage!
He greeted about 500 remaining fans and took photos for two months. \"Thank you all!
He said, then suddenly walked away.
He was subdued and was upset when the security officer tried to get him off the bus.
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