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choose one of our luxury venues with marquee hire in norfolk

by:COSCO     2019-09-02
is the perfect flexible choice for all events and special occasions.
Hiring a tent for your wedding, garden party or anniversary will allow you to serve small and large parties.
Create your own unique atmosphere by choosing from a variety of sizes and layouts and choosing professional tent decorations to match the theme of your event.
By renting a tent, you can host an event in your own comfortable garden or in a specific venue.
Norfolk, Suffolk and cam counties have the best places in the country for big parties.
The Hovington Hall, located on the edge of Norfolk Avenue, has a beautiful garden and is perfect for a large wedding.
Choose one from six different gardens next to the lake and the quaint woodland area, or hold your tent wedding on the lawn next to the beautiful 18th-century building.
Located outside Norwich, Stesby Hall is 13 miles from Grand Yarmouth and offers stunning views in the swamp, creating an incredible backdrop.
Celebrate your special moment in the gorgeous rose garden in front of the second-level listing building.
Elsing Hall is located in a quiet and romantic area, just 15 minutes from Norwich.
The incredible Motai Manor dates back to 1470 and its beautiful garden attracts visitors from all over the world.
You can choose one of the many flower parks to hold your box selection activities.
Nowadays, Marquis has many different shapes and sizes.
SpanTech marquees is a popular design from Brussels for a variety of global events, including the Olympic Games.
Choose a luxurious hexagon, triangle or square tent or combine them together to create your own personal design.
SpanTech marques is known for its versatility as they have a unique drainage system that prevents any problems in bad weather conditions.
Their lightweight construction allows you to enjoy their elegance and charm without worrying about any damage to the ground.
Once you have selected your tent and venue, you can start to personalize your unique party location with a range of tent accessories.
lining is a very popular feature at weddings as they create a sense of luxury.
Choose from a range of rocking objects and other accessories in different colors to fit your theme.
Your box selection supplier will also provide a wide range of chairs for your event.
Belt chairs covered in white or ivory are perfect for weddings as they offer comfort and elegance.
Knockhill beech wood folding chairs are ideal for festivals and garden parties.
There are a lot of big companies that can arrange weddings or special events for you.
The organizer of the expert event will ensure that every small detail is taken care.
Rent a luxury tent for your next special venue.
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