Common fight against the disease, meister awning room has been in action

by:COSCO     2020-09-22
In 2020, a new type of coronavirus infection pneumonia outbreak swept through, let it be at a loss, the relevant unit staff are looking within 24 hours of the people's health. Says there awning room also has been working hard, and action. As is known to all, epidemic prevention and control is the responsibility, is the command says there awning room working according to the instructions and comply with the superior. set up for in order to be able to return to work early, says there 'CDC emergency prevention group', prepared enough protective materials: such as protective clothing, masks, gloves, goggles, thermometer, disinfectant, etc. , in the office and production area disinfected regularly, after construction also will strictly ensure the safety of staff canteen, and strengthen the propaganda work of the new champions league virus protection knowledge, to safeguard the life and health of employees, and as soon as possible the awning room for the general customers to provide quality products. Now, before the formal resume work, says there awning room all office staff has open online office, at home to return to work after the orderly production provide sufficient preparation. After the return to work, says there awning room will also continue to give priority to with the customer, to speed up to arrange the order production, and try to achieve a timely delivery, to guarantee the market demand and reduce the possible impact of the outbreak. In 2020, will be an extraordinary year, both on says there is a test for you. Says there tent will in return to work after work overtime to production and quarantine tent, frame tent, tent for security and other kinds of tent products, for the masses of customers, please wait.
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