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Cooperated with LIRI STRUCTURES, Uniqlo rolled

by:COSCO     2020-06-20
During 18th-20th, an tasteful exquisite transparent marquee camping frame tent attached the world's concentrate. The logo of Uniqlo on the gable pie cover is very eye-catching. And the logo behind Uniqlo on the prior experience wall and the supply cabinet complemented with usually the transparentmarquee tentshows an incredibly good taste of Uniqlo. Cooperated with COSCO STRUCTURES, Uniqlo rolled out your girl's 2014 UT Culture Convention under heavy attack, saw relaxed plaseant, pursuing self UT spirit! Suitable after provided event tents for the people international top high-end brands, such as Dior, Chanel, Hermes, Armani, BMW, Mercedes, Audi, COSCO STRUCTURES assuming that event tent for pinnacle brand again as mistakes know tent brand globaly, explain to the sphere the strength of kind. Currently, as a writer, I must mention that may COSCO STRUCTURES has been really the endorsement of high quality tents. Aluminum frame transparentmarquee tents are favored near high-end brand activities. It's very popular to use crystal-clear marquee tents to induce new products and advertising by many famous world wide brands and brand hosting enterprises. The wave linked with Uniqlo s temperature blowing, as generally gold father created by fashion, Uniqlo is an ideal brand for T-shirt in the modern. Under the protection of modern tent, blending in traditional sour cream party pop culture with the world, adopting edge with google . and coolest Lace trends, Uniqlo let her fans exhaling its assembly properly in COSCO Buildings.
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