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Coxless Crew: Behind the scenes of a Pacific challenge

by:COSCO     2019-08-19
A team of paddlers completed their journey across the Pacific Ocean.
Be the first
Women and the top four
Team of people doing this.
From the crowded sleeping environment to the Dolphins, BBC News reports behind the Pacific challenge.
The crew consists of three permanent members.
Laura Leah Cohen and Emma Mitchell
With Isabel Burnham, Lisa Van Buren and Meg Dios
Each of them took part in a trip. The 29ft (8. 84m)long and 7ft (2. 13m)wide 1. 5-
The ship where these women live is Doris.
The setting is similar to a paddle boat with two paddles and a slide seat for each paddler.
Under the deck, storage space can be accessed through the hatch on the deck to store food, ropes, tools and spare parts.
The name Doris came from ancient Greece, meaning Dorian woman.
The Dorian began to occupy the pelobanissa Peninsula from the 12 th century BC. in Greek mythology, Doris is a sea fairy and is one of the many children of o\'shenas and tetis.
The crew each had to consume 5,000 calories a day, eat dehydrated foods such as chicken noodles, Curry and pasta with Italian sauce, and supplement protein strips, chocolate, nuts and porridge.
They also had a Christmas cake in December 25, and once they used the sun to bake pancakes on the deck.
The intake of liquid consists of protein shakes and desalination.
The only kitchen equipment that rowers have is sportswear (
Combination of spoon and fork)
, Tupperware box and facilities for making hot water to add to dry food.
Lizanne Van Vuuren said she got some good advice on eating rations: \"Tell your brain you like it and you will like it . \".
Obviously it works. Typical 5,000
Daily calorie menu: 09: 30: fruit cereal (800cal)
Mixed protein shake (600cal).
11: 30: two granola bars (190cal each)
13: 30: chicken masala (800cal)
Chocolate pudding (500cal)
15: 30: one candy (250cal total)17: 30: noodles (300cal)
A pack of tuna (200cal)
Behind is the Mars bar (240cal)
19: 30: Twix (200cal)
23: 30: biscuits (160cal)
All the women are thin.
Penhaul MS: \"The fact that I can see my shin and ribs is almost a clear sign of losing weight.
I may have been a slim person all the time, but I don\'t like to be thin, I prefer to be strong rather than thin, so it\'s a bit frustrating to see so much muscle waste.
The rear cabin, two small people-
Used as a person tent for crew kitchen, living room, bedroom, dining room and office.
It\'s too low to stand up so lie down and change clothes and teeth --
Cleaned on one side of the boat.
Two people slept \"top and tail\" and it happened at 90-Minutes meeting.
Two women crossed through the nighthour shifts.
They chose to do so for physical and psychological reasons.
In normal 8-
After one hour of sleep, humans have experienced many sleep cycles.
The Doris crew\'s goal is to have only one sleep before waking up.
Any more than 90 minutes will put them into another sleep cycle and it will be more difficult to wake up.
The crew endured the storm and the waves of the high three.
Floor building and temperature up to 40C (104F)
As low as 12C (53. 6F).
The route was chosen to take advantage of the prevailing wind and water flow as much as possible, although the wind was less favourable than expected, resulting in a longer time at sea than originally planned.
They have special equipment.
But they also came up with their own way to deal with these situations, such as wearing a baseball cap on the side to protect their faces from the sun, with an oversized T-shirts.
The crew saw humpback whales only a few yards away from their boat, pods of dolphins, mahi\'s school.
Sea Snake mahi dolphinfish, a sea snake with at least one albatross and two sharks, named their ship Eduardo and Fernando.
They also avoided dozens of flying fish that would land on the ship before being picked up and thrown off the ship again.
They\'re even diving. bombed by red-Chest of Foot (
A seabirds associated with a pond goose).
Oarswomen also found several cargo ships, a strange passenger ship, a couple on a yacht, and another ocean-going rower, John Biden, he made a record of crossing the Pacific alone before the new year.
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