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Creator of Kinder Surprise dies

by:COSCO     2019-08-11
His foundation says William Salaris, who helped make popular Jianda surprise chocolate eggs for children, died in Italy on Thursday at the age of 83.
Salice was treated for a stroke at a hospital in Pavia, a small town in northern Italy, his Color Your Life Foundation and Italian media reported on Friday.
He joined the Ferrero food group in 1960 and continues to be right-
Michele Ferrero, a visionary who invented nut chocolate and Buttercup, died in 2015.
In the 1970 s, the chocolate baron was looking for a way to bypass the seasonality of Easter eggs and to find a way to make molds that were not used for much of the year
It turned out to be a more friendly surprise, a chocolate egg with small plastic parts of toys assembled by children.
The content of capsules in eggs varies greatly, and the success of the product is rapid and lasting.
Ferrero sold billions of Golden surprise eggs for more than 40 years and claimed that its monthly output consisted of enough chocolate to lay 400,000 of the land (4.
3 million square feet)
Located in Monterey shopping mall, Mexico.
Salice often repeated: \"The inventor is Ferrero. I am just the material executor . \" But he played in the creation of other well-known products such as Ferrero Rocher and Pocket Coffee
A native of Turin retired in 2007 with a bonus of 400,000 euros ($422,000).
He invested the money in the \"campus of your life\" in Riviera, Italy, aiming to train children aged 13 to 18 to develop their strongest talents.
The great success of the Golden surprise egg is sometimes covered up by tragedy, including the death of a three-year-old girl in Toulouse in last January from choking her toys.
After the investigation, the prosecutor approved Ferrero.
According to the 1938 law prohibiting the insertion of any object into food, eggs are banned in the United States, while in Chile, eggs were banned last summer under the new law against obesity.
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