Customized aluminum alloy agricultural outdoor tent can effectively help to speed up the agricultural development 'four turn'

by:COSCO     2020-08-18
2018 is agricultural ZhiLiangNian, ask us to highlight the 'four', highlighting the four 'turn' : turn old 'new', transformation of traditional industries to new industries new forms; 'Low' high, low-end products to high-end agricultural products; 'Outside' period, the domestic market to foreign markets; 'Three', one to two changes in the development of tertiary industry integration. Because the traditional agriculture depends on the weather to determine next year's crop, which greatly increased the income instability. Says there family frame tent manufacture and of yunan, therefore, an agricultural customers through the analysis of the site, launched is suitable for the agricultural production of tents and outdoor breeding frame tent, can protect the plants and animals from sunshine, rain and winds, which can provide a good environment for the growth of plants and animals, says there agricultural large tents aluminum alloy can be applied to the animal farm. A very large agricultural outdoor tents made of aluminum alloy, the roof and sides surrounded by white PVC. Aluminum alloy also can be used as a temporary shelter farmers, agricultural tent can be placed air conditioning, chairs, beds, etc. When the weather is hot, you can put the cloth around, let the air circulation. In the winter or when it rains, you can hang the cloth. If indoor daylighting, the roof can choose half sunroof and transparent ceiling. If you are also the customized for our interested in aluminum alloy agricultural outdoor tents, welcome to consult our online customer service, we will provide the best quality service for you at the first time.
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