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General structures, industrial storage awning room for long time

by:COSCO     2020-09-26
Of many industrial enterprises, have own warehouse is a kind of can adjust consumption beats, advance company scope benefits. But establishing warehouse not only long, capital will be too high and not easy to control. This time we have for such scenarios developed industrial warehouse tent. Industrial warehouse frame tent has rapid, sensitive, low capital and the feature of peace was deeply loved by the small and medium enterprises. Compared with traditional buildings, industrial storage frame tent with better sensitivity and applicability, safe sex is also has the guarantee. Industrial warehousing awning room adopts the structure of the cell combination method, able to increase and decrease along with the demand to stop artificially. Industrial storage and the span of awning room for 3 - to 50 m, the length of the infinite extension in multiples of 3 m or 5 m, internal without pillar design, appropriate short or medium term need warehouse enterprises. So this kind of structures, industrial storage awning time how long will it take? Related in common in terms of traditional architecture, industrial storage tent is adopts modular design thoughts, all the parts in the tent in the factory for consumption, the scene to stop assembling combination. About storage awning room, only needs to build and then can be put into use, the interior is decorated pre-approval process simple, also don't need to play the foundation disposal. set up for industrial field without limit, to establish or removal may at any time, detailed build time also needs depends on the size specification of awning room and equipment to resolution. Usually like five hundred - small storage under the awning room needs only 1 day can be put into use, more than one thousand square meters large storage such as awning 3 - may demand 5 days, if build ABS wall type warehouse tent, etc. , set up ordinary have more time. So what has been discussed above, industrial storage tent set up time is not a deadline, demand according to practical condition to consider. Without doubt, however, is to use industrial warehousing awning room, can greatly shorten the construction time warehouse, adjust the enterprise consumption cycle, progress scope benefits.
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