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Guarantee the safety of tent use for what key points should be considered

by:COSCO     2020-09-02
manufacturer for remind how to ensure the safety of the use of awning room, because the tent in work and life has brought us great convenience, so that in widening the scope of its use. manufacturer for but in use process, to ensure that the tent use for safety is our most concerned about a problem, so how to better ensure the safety of the tent use for? Follow the below small make up to look at. Changzhou in the spring and autumn exhibition guarantee the safety of using two tents awning room needs to consider the following several points: a. Awning room the use of weather and environment: USES the tent for outdoor activities, first of all, to choose a good weather or choose according to the weather tent, tent use for if the wind is bigger, should choose the awning room, wind resistance if is rain and snow weather should choose better compression performance awning room. manufacturer introduce tarpaulins for relevant recommendations: what are the characteristics of the fixed way of awning room: the fixed way there are many kinds of awning room, such as expansion screws, bearing pressure plate fixed or steel fixed, etc. , in choosing a fixed way, should be based on the overall situation into account, and ensure the awning room to build solid. Three, completes the fire prevention work: although the awning room frame is aluminium alloy, but the tent once the fire is easy to burn, so must be ready to fire protection equipment, for a rainy day.
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