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GUNTER: Rahaf Mohammed became a useful prop for Liberals

by:COSCO     2019-08-13
Give us your exhaustion, your poverty, and your fashion lovers are eager to shop freely.
To be honest, I\'m glad Canada came forward to provide asylum for Rahaf Mohammed, 18. year-
An old woman in Saudi Arabia claimed to avoid abuse in her country.
But why is it so rushed?
Why bypass all our refugee regulations?
Why is the hero popular at Pearson International, with Foreign Minister Kristia Freeland glowing?
I want to know if Rahaf is acting so fast in the Teru government (
No longer use her last name after being abandoned by her family)
Not so, uh, decent.
A pleasant smile, sparkling eyes, fashionable clothes, professional hair styles, social media awareness.
Rahaf is not an ordinary refugee.
She did not swim ashore in Turkey and stayed at the camp for a few months.
Nor did she hide under a tarp behind a wobbly truck, as it struggled to move toward freedom.
She is a big fish.
Her father is a senior government official in Saudi Arabia.
Rahaf himself escaped from his family during his visit to Kuwait and became an international celebrity.
She went to Thailand where she locked herself in a hotel room (
Not some dirty tent city)
In the event of world media attention, opposition was made to the expulsion back to Saudi Arabia.
She didn\'t even ask to come to Canada at first.
Her goal is Australia.
But we have had some contacts with UNHCR that have changed our direction.
So instead of ending in Australia\'s summer climax, she landed in Toronto in the middle of the Canadian winter.
She was attracted by the cheers of a visiting pop star and the media buzz.
It\'s easy to imagine Rahaf\'s role in Netflix movies played by Selena Gomez or Ariana Grande.
It is difficult to get rid of the impression that Rahaf will not be immediately freed from the prison free card (
Well, from three-
Star hotels in Bangkok card)
If she\'s not as useful as a prop for the Trudeau government.
Rahaf has enabled the Liberal government to push for two messages at the same time-their new goal is to make Canada a haven and the gender they are working on --equity theme.
Don\'t doubt it\'s about media coverage and what the photogenic teenagers can do to boost the image of Liberals before the federal election this fall.
The foreign minister is not like meeting every new refugee.
Freeland can easily see Rahaf in the safe area of Toronto airport and be taken away without any media attention.
Instead, the minister went out of his way to bring the precious footage to the place where the cameras and journalists gathered, and then took her away without any doubt.
When millions of people, many people are in a more frightening situation, why are you so fussed about a refugee?
Freeland oozes, eyes-
The minister of \"brave new Canadians\" said, \"I believe a candle will be lit . \".
\"I would also like to stress that this is part of Canada\'s broader policy of supporting women and girls in Canada and around the world.
Rahaf\'s rescue is more about the downtown Toronto and Vancouver votes than about saving the world\'s crowded crowds. Cynical.
This is it.
Cynical domestic politics is pure and simple.
As I said, I have no real problem with Canada\'s acceptance of rahaaf to get her out of Wahaabi oppression in her home country.
But I don\'t think it\'s a liberal motive (once again)
Show the world how noble and tolerant they are.
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