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I learned to ride a motorcycle, but as a woman will I be safe on Karachi\'s roads?

by:COSCO     2019-08-14
Karachi: who says it\'s easy to ride a motorcycle is obviously wrong.
I recently had the opportunity to ride a motorcycle in Karachi as part of a four-wheel drive
A week of training for women is equally stressful
Because it\'s exciting.
Last weekend, Superpower Motorcycle, a car company, hosted Pakistan\'s first women\'s Motorcycle training academy here, calling on all women to \"learn to ride motorcycles \".
The event organizer provided participants with the necessary equipment, including scooters and safety devices.
Seeing women riding motorcycles on the road in Karachi is a rare time to enjoy, a move that brings fresh air ---and timely too.
After all, women have been riding motorcycles on the Indian border for several years;
The frequent appearance of Bollywood films has further normalized this trend.
Actors like Kareena Kapoor Khan in \"Three Idiots\", Anushka Sharma in PK, and Juhi Chawla in chalk and Shan adopt women on scooters
However, this concept is almost unfamiliar in Karachi, which is why many motorcycle companies have not invested in Pakistan because they think there is no market here.
Superbikes hope to turn things around soon.
\"We have been coaches at Mehwish Ekhlaque;
She is a woman who has been riding a motorcycle for many years in Karachi, \"said Uzair Khan, campaign marketing manager.
He added that the activity was aimed at empowering women.
\"Women here face some problems when they want to ride a motorcycle, but we want to change that so they don\'t have to face these obstacles.
\"I decided to catch up with their first meeting on Friday and arrive at the scene at 11. 30am.
To be honest, I didn\'t expect a lot of women to show up, and I would love to know how many people would be passionate about learning how to ride a motorcycle.
My first thought is: are women in Karachi really happy with the idea of riding a motorcycle in this city?
It turns out they are.
The place looks like an empty parking space upon arrival, but once my eyes get used to the sun, I see a group of women near a small tent --like setup.
To my surprise, there are daughters, sisters, mothers, brothers, friends gathered to learn how to ride a motorcycle or provide support to their partners.
I found the coach wearing a black sleeveless jacket to prepare for the participants.
\"I \'ve been riding a motorcycle for four years,\" Mehwish told the image.
\"When I started, people came to me because they had never seen a scooter before [
Because she was imported and ordered from Malaysia.
See if I\'m a man or a woman.
Mehwish revealed that she used to dress like a man in order to fit into the \"motorcyclist\" without attracting attention.
\"I wear men\'s wear when I ride a motorcycle so I don\'t look like a woman, but the road never scares me out alone.
\"I finished the paperwork very quickly, signed the necessary dotted lines and jumped over to join the group.
First of all, Mehwish says one has to know how to ride a bike and if not, she has to learn with another team of coaches.
The purpose of this is to see if the trainee can be in two-wheeler.
Almost all the participants did not know how to ride the bike, I am so happy that I did it and saved me a lot of time.
All I have to do is turn around in the parking lot and show the coach I know how to ride a bike and taa-daa!
I was transferred to the next round: riding a motorcycle.
I think it should be interesting.
I scanned a motorcycle and saw a bright Barbie pink motorcycle staring at me. This was it.
I have to do this now. Definitely.
Please note that this Scooty is not one of the Urwa music videos, but one of the Bipasha Basu seen in the ad.
Mehwish and I had an instant connection and she got on the pink motorcycle and showed me how it worked.
Step 1: kick back the bracket and balance the bike on your feet.
Step 2: press your left heel on the gear close to the hook and place the bike on the gap.
Step 3: turn on the key and press the ignition button.
Step 4: balance the bike on your left foot when you put your right leg on the hook (
Note that there are two breaks, one near the accelerator, you can press with your hands, the other near the hook on the right, you can press with your feet).
Step 5: Press the hook near the left foot, move to 1st, push the left foot forward, and push the bike.
Step 6: once you reach the balance, lift your left leg and put it on the hook.
Step 7: Drive that keeps the speed constant.
A piece of cake.
I can do that.
Unfortunately, no.
I am unable to balance the bike and keep the speed constant and speed up too fast.
The poor guy behind me with the bike is making sure I don\'t zoom in and don\'t hit people or banners (
Which girl did it!
No one was hurt though).
Mehwish was walking by my side when I was driving to make sure I didn\'t have the speed, which helped.
I really sweated after a few rounds!
I had to move the scooter with my toes because I couldn\'t balance properly.
It was a very frustrating job.
After 8 rounds I got the hang of it but still trying to keep control of the motorcycle.
Hear this saying, \"let go if you can\'t do anything about it. ”?
So I might just forget it. . .
The motorcycle was a bit out of control, but I managed to regain control.
Thirty minutes of constant trial gave me new respect for Mehwish-
Being able to ride a motorcycle on the streets and in hot weather in Karachi is simply admirable.
However, I was told by the motorcyclist that she had never intended to ride a motorcycletime thing.
\"My first motorcycle ride was in 2012, otherwise I started riding a motorcycle in 2007 while I was alive with my husband.
In fact, he taught me how to ride a bike and he will be with me all the time. \"She said.
\"At that time, it was purely out of happiness,\" she recalls . \".
\"I was forced to work after his death because I had his motorcycle so I started using it to get to and from work.
Mehwish, an accounting officer at a local company, said her family supported her decision to ride a motorcycle independently: \"My husband taught me to ride a motorcycle and they were very happy.
My family and I
The law appreciates the fact that I did not go by bus but by myself.
\"She currently has three motorcycles and all of them are maintained on her own and she rarely goes to a mechanic unless she absolutely needs them.
She is proud to say that she has never had an accident in the last four years, thanks to her husband teaching her common sense of the road and safety regulations.
This brief exchange changed my opinion on the event.
When I was there purely for leisure, these women were there to learn, some of them were riding motorcycles at home and they didn\'t know how to use them and were eager to ride bikes.
Looking around is enough to convince me that we are ready for change: a husband --to-
When his fiancé practiced riding a motorcycle, she would reach out to help;
The mother makes a video of her daughter learning to ride a bicycle;
The companions who participated in the activity helped each other ride bicycles. (
In fact, there are two even trying to teach my boss how to ride a bike. )
See all these women who are eager to learn scooters and let their loved ones cheer for them there and they feel warm.
The support of the family is so important, the voice of voices wish.
Whether it\'s when they need it or not, they need to have the experience to be self-reliant.
Can we expect women to occupy the streets of Karachi in the near future?
I really hope so. -
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