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I wish you a happy labor day celebrate May Day billion kam enterprises

by:COSCO     2020-09-20
The coming May Day, billion kam enterprises ( Its wide the frame tent house companies) Little for May Day holiday with full blessing to pass to you: a zhu jiankang is good body, two wish happiness no worries, three wish rich become rich man, four good luck follow, five wish all the best happiness! Happy labor day! & : billion kam enterprises ( Its wide the frame tent house companies) When celebrate the labor day temporary, praised the victory of the epidemic prevention and control in our country, and worry about the foreign epidemic spreading sharply, in five small long vacation period to be on the safe side, sharing out five measures: a, out less as far as possible, reduce indoor gathered three or even going out to strengthen personal protective four, to actively cooperate with check in every place of epidemic situation report during the holiday
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