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In the cases of two separate holocausts, Israel and Poland find it difficult to acknowledge the facts of history

by:COSCO     2019-08-17
In the past few days, the Israelis have been very dissatisfied with the Polish government.
I don\'t blame them.
In fact I am not referring to racist Benjamin Netanya\'s extremist military occupation government-it is perfectly correct that Israeli people and Jews around the world are angry about Poland\'s recent Holocaust denialism.
Poland decided to make any allegations of Poland\'s involvement in the Holocaust a criminal offence and passed a law that effectively prevented any polish from admitting that Poles themselves had helped the genocide of European Jews, which is No.
Its purpose is not to lead to the truth, but to bury the truth.
This is certainly part of the denial of the Jewish Holocaust.
But in order to get the content of this column to the next level, I would like to say one thing: Armenia.
Reveals one of the most remarkable coincidences in recent publishing history.
Involving a hundred years-
So far, the old telegraph is considered fake, but actually true-ordering mass extinction of more than millions of Christians, a truly brave Turkish historian, A country that should recognize the existence of the Armenian massacre has completely denied it.
But first Poland.
So let\'s get to the facts-\"It\'s just the facts, lady, it\'s just the facts,\" because Sergeant Joe Friday never really put dragdragnet aside.
In 1939, Jews accounted for 10 per cent of the Polish population. Pre-
The Polish government has taken counter measures.
Measures by Jews to exclude Jews from important state positions.
When the Germans invaded, they thought the Poles were \"untermenschen\" of Slavic, but they were very aware of the potential counter
Jewish has tarnished the Christian nationalist state of Poland.
Poland lost two games.
The Jews were in the hands of the Nazis.
The Polish Jews were almost wiped out.
Many Poles hid the Jews and fought with the Nazis against the IDF and the SS.
But the Germans used the Polish police force to protect the Jewish ghettoes, the last transit point before the Jewish people were sent to the Polish land for the extinction camp.
No, they are not the \"Polish death camp\"-both the Polish and the Israelis agree on this-but the Polish collaborators (
\"Blue Police \")
There was indeed a curfew imposed on the Jews and helped clean up ghettoes.
There is clear and irrefutable evidence that some (
Maybe more than \"some)
Poles extorted Jews in exchange for keeping their hiding place secret.
In some towns in eastern Poland, Poles were involved in the murder of their Jewish neighbors.
I think of the Holocaust in jidwaben.
But the Poles were the first to reveal the Jewish Holocaust facts to the Allies, and at least one Polish resistance group saved thousands of Jewish lives by making forged documents and finding escape routes for the Jews.
Like most Germans.
The morality-or immorality-of the occupied European countries is gray.
Think about \"maquis\" in Vichy and France \".
Think of the Italian fascist and Italian communist resistance.
In 2015, Ukraine passed laws that forced its citizens to respect nationalists who had cooperated briefly with the Nazis and participated in the mass killing of Jews.
Of course, there is no Western hustle and bustle, because we are currently supporting the brave little Ukraine against the Russian beast that devours sevasopol in Crimea.
But now is the incredible time for Polish legislation.
Because even if this notorious law was passed in Warsaw\'s parliament a few days ago, Taner Akcam, Turkey\'s bravest historian, is publishing a short but enlightening book (
Kill Command, published by Palgrave Macmillan Press)
This ultimately proves decisively the extinction order of the young Turkish Leader Talat Pasha, one of the Three Pashas who ruled the Ottoman Empire during World War I, and it was true to destroy the entire Armenian Christian population in 1915.
The apologists and denying historians in Turkey will not convince the world of these forged things.
It was not fabricated by Armenian counterfeiters, nor by non-Armenian counterfeiters.
Just as these poor people will think of the official presence of Ottoman. But as copper-
The Nazi documents prove Germany\'s responsibility for the Jewish Holocaust, and also prove that people in Provence sometimes join the massacre, which is the worst.
The fact of the Armenian massacre-for \"Shoah \"(holocaust)
The word used by many glorious Israelis in the Armenian genocide is well known, but no matter how brief, it needs to be repeated.
In 1915 and a few years after that, the Ottoman Turks deliberately began to liquidate their Armenian Christian citizens and let them enter the desert in the death march, slaughter men, rape women, in the present northern Syria, throw the child on a bayonet or let them starve to death with their mother and other family members.
I am sorry that the Kurds have helped in this barbaric act.
Taner Akcam has written a large number of articles in this shocking period of Turkish history and has great authority-the Turkish government, until today, shamefully denies-as a result of abuse by hundreds of right-wing people --
Even Turkish extremists who tried to include him on the list of \"terrorists\" in the United States (
He teaches at Clark University in the United States).
Akcam\'s new book contains a dark and memorable-almost frightening-geography, and for most of the 1915 Holocaust he describes happening in or near town, these towns convey to us today their own terrible massacre and terrorist message.
Zur and, yes, Aleppo.
It is the Baron Hotel in Aleppo-still standing today, and the descendants of the then-owner mazuriyan are still standing (just)
Occupying its Hall-a set of original cables from Talat Pasha, and other clearing information from the memory of Ottoman officer Naim Bey, was handed over to an Armenian named Aram Andonian
He paid cash for the documents.
We don\'t know much.
Until now, both Turkish historians and their supporters in the West believe that these important documents are false.
They claim that Naim Bey does not exist, Andonian is a forgery, and the password where Talat Telegram is located does not match the Ottoman password system at that time.
They ignored the large amount of evidence provided to the existing evidence, but soon suppressed it.
In the files that subsequently disappeared, there was a war trial.
They raised the telegram-true enough but deliberately misleading-to \"prove\" that Talat was most concerned about the interests of Armenians when he expelled Armenians.
Akcam\'s revelation of the truth is both a detective novel and a sudden, incredible horror volume.
He proved that the password was true and that naimm Bay did exist;
An Ottoman document on corruption investigations-in which, turkish officials accept bribes from Armenians in exchange for life-the son of Huseyin Nuri, who identified him as 26, comes from Silifke, a former dispatch officer at Meskene, who is currently an official in charge of the Municipal Grain depot \".
Akcam is more powerful than any previous historian to prove that the Ottoman authorities have sent two sets of cables about Armenians-as well as documents in the file of a dead Armenian priest.
One group stated that the government insisted on providing food and tents to people deported from Armenia and demanded compensation for their confiscated property.
Another group of people insisted on secret liquidation, preferably away from spying on American diplomats (
The United States remained neutral until 1917.
German officers allied with Turkish forces
The Nazis told their Jewish victims that they would be \"resettled\" in the east instead of being poisoned to death.
They also tried to cover up traces of the Treblinka gas chamber before the Reds arrived.
But the \"double\" instructions issued by Talat Pasha and his 1915 genocide indicate that even before the start of organized genocide, humanitarian resettlement has been envisaged
26 years later, some young German officers who witnessed the 1915 massacre appeared in the Soviet Union, overseeing the massacre of Jews.
This is a very short account (
Provided by Turkish historian Akcam)
An Armenian witnessed the destruction of his people, which may have been written during World War II if the identity and place were changed to Ukraine or Belarus: \"In order to eliminate the last group of expelled Armenians. . .
Between Aleppo and Dale. i Zor [sic]
He managed to survive. . . Hakki Bey. . .
Departing from Aleppo, all expelled people along the bank of the early fauram River were expelled. . .
There are nearly 300 young men and boys. . .
Those who survived the Hamam camp were sent a special convoy to the south. . .
Reliable reports about them say they were killed [in Rakka]sic]. . .
Elsewhere, we learned in no uncertain terms that in the area around Samiye, 300 children were thrown into a hole, the gas was poured, and they were burned alive.
So this is the real hypocrisy of the story.
The Israeli government is angry at Polish Holocaust denialism and refuses to recognize the Armenian massacre.
Simon Perez himself said, \"we refuse to attempt to establish similarity [Jewish]
Holocaust and Armenian charges
There was no such thing as a massacre.
The Armenians experienced a tragedy, but not genocide.
\"I should add that the Americans-and Trump certainly included-are equally sad that they did not recognize the truth about Armenia.
But the strange thing is that it\'s not Poland.
13 years ago, the Polish parliament passed a bill specifically referring to the Armenian genocide.
The Polish parliament speaker, Wlodzimierz Cimoszewicz, said when the Armenian genocide did occur that the responsibility fell on the Turks, and that the Turkish document-although there was no document just revealed by Akcam-\"confirmed\" that.
So you have it.
Poland punishes anyone who talks about Poland\'s involvement in the Jewish Holocaust but accepts the Armenian massacre.
Israel maintains that all must recognize the Holocaust of Jews and the crimes of the periphery of Poland, but not the Holocaust of Armenia.
Fortunately, Israeli scholars like Israeli Charny did the same.
Fortunately, Turks like Taner Akcam agreed.
But how many times must the dead die in order for countries to accept historical facts?
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