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In the use of storage awning room from three aspects to consider

by:COSCO     2020-08-31
Warehouse now use awning room to more more, as the tent manufacturer for warehouse rental prices also rose. During storage and use awning room is a large storage space, mainly solve the manufacturer production of space or setting up the temporary buildings, warehouse not enough use. It is composed of framework and tarpaulins, frame is aluminum alloy as main components, tarpaulin with PVC material, the safety of the building. Different from ordinary awning room is equivalent to a temporary building, safety performance is reliable, set up in the middle without pillar, make full use of space, for different types of site can be built quickly and flexibly. Here in the spring and autumn exhibition tent manufacturer, in the use of storage of awning room from these three aspects to consider, when you need to is to use the awning room is safe and reliable. First: the characteristics of the warehouse tent awning room is often used as a warehouse and production workshop, the foundation requirements is not very high, grass, concrete or asphalt can be easily constructed. Compared with traditional architecture, not only save time, factory warehouse awning room, still can save 50% of the cost of construction, but also avoid the venue rental fees due to production needs to increase, turnover and other hidden costs. And warehouse frame tent late maintenance cost is low, the workshop warehouse tent, higher yield, convenient disassembly, attrition rate is almost zero. Second: the spring and autumn exhibition frame tent tent frame for warehousing awning room mainly divided into two parts. One: frame, main structure made of high strength aluminum and steel components outside the roof and walls covered by the underlying fabric. Two: tarpaulins, mainly USES the professional double-sided coated PVC, supply storage awning room, can effectively and windproof, waterproof, prevent bask in flame retardant, under any conditions can easily cope with. Third: the spring and autumn exhibition tents awning room facilities: tent manufacturer for warehousing awning room generally supporting facilities is very comprehensive, including walls, floor, lamps and lanterns, air conditioning, furniture, doors and a full range of facilities, can make the function of the warehouse tent stronger. With the help of these facilities, obviously is more popular than traditional architecture storage tent. The above three aspects is for storage and use of awning room, as well as the storage and use awning room have what advantage.
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