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Industrial aluminum alloy storage tent - Industrial aluminum alloy storage awning room features and advantages

by:COSCO     2020-09-16
In recent years, industrial storage of awning room utilization rate is higher and higher, can meet the needs of the many enterprises of temporary storage. And such a storage frame tent framework for aluminum profile is used commonly, it also makes the industrial aluminum alloy storage awning room have sprung up in the industry, as emerging industrial warehouse space, get the favour of many enterprises. ( Industrial aluminum alloy storage awning room) So what are the typical features of industrial aluminum alloy warehouse frame tent and advantages? Now let's take a simple look at: 1. Set up shortcut: industrial aluminum alloy warehouse loading and unloading of convenient, awning room set up time is short, can provide enterprises with flexible elastic storage; 2. Reduce costs: compared with the traditional fixed buildings, industrial aluminum alloy storage awning room construction cost is low, can save a large sum of money for the enterprise, improve the profits of enterprises; 3. Safety is beautiful: industrial aluminum alloy storage awning room beautiful appearance, safe stable, light in weight in transportation. And aluminum alloy has good corrosion resistance and service life of 20 - 30 years; 4. Sizes: industrial aluminum alloy storage awning room adopts modular combination design, span from 3 - 50 meters, the length can be according to the multiples of 3 or 5 meters infinite extension; 5. Modelling variety: industrial aluminum alloy storage awning room besides can build an adult word top modelling, also can use arc, a variety of combinations, such as polygon enough meet your temporary storage requirements. ( Says there tent) for industrial aluminum alloy storage Saw in industrial aluminum alloy warehousing characteristics and advantages of awning room, presumably you should understand why now many enterprises choose storage shed and not easily go to build a warehouse. If you also have this aspect demand, welcome to inquire says there. Awning room says there as a professional manufacturing company, will provide you with exclusive your awning room solutions, and provide you with a favorable offer.
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