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Industrial tent - Industrial awning room how much wholesale price quotation

by:COSCO     2020-09-16
Industrial awning room because of its mobility, often referred to as 'movable property. But the mobile is not what we also understand the kind of move, nor does it imply to fold industrial frame tent, but compared with the traditional fixed buildings, in need of migration can be remove to build. Some enterprises need to use industrial awning room as the industrial warehousing awning room, some even need more than one, so if for industrial tent wholesale, for industrial tent wholesale wholesale price quotation for how much? ( - for says there Industrial awning room) When it comes to tent wholesale prices for industrial, affected by many factors. For example: 1. Size: says there tent manufacturing company, for the production of industrial tent with net structure, 3 - span 50 m, the length can be in multiples of 3 or 5 extends continuously, so the size is different, the price is different also, tent wholesale price is not accurate for industrial digital; 2. Profile: some tent company profiles on the frame for choice, steel or iron structure and says there awning room USES the aluminum alloy frame, light is not only beautiful appearance, more important is to have a good stability. So different profiles, industrial tent wholesale price is different also. 3. Supporting facilities: frame tent facilities provided for says there are many, such as ABS, hardware and top curtain wall, side wall curtain, floor, furniture, lighting, air conditioning, mobile toilets, european-style fencing, drainage system, and so on. Facilities to select different industrial awning room, therefore, the wholesale price is also different. To sum up, mobile industrial warehouse tent can bring a good result for use of the enterprise, can solve many emergency problem for many factories, is the primary choice of industrial, warehousing, logistics and other industries. If you want to know how much says there industrial frame tent wholesale price quotation for, welcome to inquire, we will provide you with a reasonable price and awning room design scheme.
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