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Industrial warehouse tent - — The good assistant of the industry

by:COSCO     2020-09-16
When it comes to the warehouse of the enterprise, the first thing we think of might is fixed at a house, is the use of concrete and reinforced concrete buildings. But the truth is, at present according to the market and all aspects of the technology development, industrial storage awning room has been gradually replaced the traditional fixed buildings, it also let everybody's ideas gradually changed: the warehouse is no longer fixed. Industrial frame tent also gradually be applied to areas such as logistics, warehousing, temporary workshop, so favored by industrial, production-oriented enterprises. And industrial storage tent is so popular that it and its characteristic is inseparable, we tent manufacturer you need to stand in the perspective of the customer for the customer to solve the substantive issues. ( Industrial warehousing awning room) Firstly, the most concern is the money problem. Compared with the traditional fixed warehouse construction, industrial storage frame tent for enterprises to save at least 30% for overhead, and can solve the season for the enterprise storage space problem; 2, industrial structures, cycle is short, the two in plenty of cases, even 5000 square meters, can be built only three days, and can be put into use in a very short period of time; Three, industrial frame tent storage space utilization rate is high, the internal WuZhiZhu support, can facilitate enterprise orderly division of reservoir; Four, industrial storage tents on the terrain environment adaptable, flat ground can be easily set up commonly, do not need to destroy the ground or foundation treatment; 5, strong flexibility. Enterprises can according to the actual storage needs to increase or reduce the warehouse, even if is the site of factory relocation, can quickly remove and reinstall in use; Industrial warehousing awning room in addition to the above characteristics of these advantages, there are other benefits when we used to discover. As the saying goes: 'who with who knows'. Awning room is such, only true use, will understand why it would be so popular. If you also have related demand, welcome to inquire says there, we will serve you wholeheartedly.
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