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Inflatable part leak what to do

by:COSCO     2020-11-19
Yesterday a customer friend asked me: this shed used for 4 years, always with the good, business, or two days before loading time, shaved a little of for, the air column inside the blew a hole, a flat, how to do? Can you help me to deal with the problem? ” ” You don't try so hard, now can give you handle & quot; And then I asked him to take out the let's give him with glue and patch, and informed him of using the method of step by step. Air curtains, some time! Let's curtains in use process, will meet many unexpected situation is unavoidable, but don't panic. First, let's have a more huge after-sales service team, for a long time to run around in our old customer, curtains, in the process of using won't have what problem to deal with, the time to contact the salesman, salesman here also is very severe, curtains general problem, just can know what is going on. If can't handle, will organize market after-sales personnel to see customers friends, this is the main idea of our company package for after-sale, and for a long time, our company has always advocated the main idea of the customer is supreme! Inflatable curtains and how is the glue, we use the glue, is the import glue, called resin glue, very much. This how to use: let me introduce you to the top, frayed alter glue, repair skin will alter glue, altered even, ratio and dry glue, glue again, with the hot air blower ( Hair dryer, etc. ) Blow blow hot air, one side with a stiff card continuously, know thoroughly bounding flat, the air can be used for a while.
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