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Introduce the maintenance and maintenance method of awning room

by:COSCO     2020-09-04
When we lease awning room and found the awning room there are many kinds of, is the price of relative to what a little bit old awning room, the price will be slightly lower, but people like new, comparing some novelty, even if the price is higher also want a new frame tent. Said frame tent manufacturer hopes to attract more customers to choose products, then, we need their reasonable maintenance, whether before or after use, should be to the maintenance of awning room, the following will introduce awning room for everybody to maintenance and maintenance method. The first step to cleaning - — In the process of using the awning room, because the frame tent will touch to objects such as dust, so in use after we need to clean. Can be used in the cleaning process, the weak alkaline cha wash detergent, avoid excessive cha sharp hard object, so as to avoid damage. The second step classified depositing - — In the awning room after use, after removal of profiles and steel parts, must be classified storage. Wedding tent is a new kind of outdoor activities for use temporary buildings, is an application of the awning room, storage and transportation of portable, called the flow property. It is widely used in the temporary warehouse, workshop, temporary construction, exhibition tent, tent, for emergency relief. But also needs to be done after cleaning, dry tarpaulins fold ( Meaning: fold part of the object) And in a cool place. The third step pay attention to clean the awning room parts - — Many people thought when cleaning the awning room, main cleaning tent is ok, in fact this is not correct, the structure of awning room we can't neglect. When we clean the aluminum alloy structure, inappropriate scrub with high content of acid and alkali substances, otherwise easy to corrosion of the surface. The fourth step to repair the damaged place - — Due to the usual use, awning room there is any breakage place also is very normal thing. But if we found it broken, it needs to be repaired right now. Tarpaulins, for example, if you have broken a small scale can be used the similar material with glue to fix.
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