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Is COSCO tent suitable for use as a sports field?


Is Cosco Tent suitable for use as a sports field?

Is aluminum tent suitable for various sports events or as a sports stadiums? The answer is "absolutly"! 

Heavy duty aluminium tent can not only be used as wedding tents, party tents, exhibition tents, storage tents and garages, but also as temporary sports tents.

Compared to traditional sports stadiums, prefabricated sports tents have lower cost and shorter construction period, which can be quickly put into use. The advantage of prefabricated sports stadiums is that they can be customized in design, making maximum use of existing space, and the price will also be adjusted according to the size and configuration of the site. COSCO sports stadium tent can achieve a span of 3-55 meters, which meets the needs of various large sports venues and sports activities. It has the outstanding advantage of prefabricated design, where all components and accessories (such as overall structure, sidewalls, windows, etc.) are pre-processed in the factory and then transported to the construction site without the need for additional work such as cutting and welding. It only needs to be installed according to the installation tutorial, and the operation is simple and convenient. After installation, it can be disassembled at any time, with very high flexibility.

The span and length of the sports stadium tents can be customized according to needs, and the length can be infinitely extended at intervals of five meters. Customers can determine the size of the tent based on the size and needs of the venue. The internal space of the tent has been utilized 99%, making it very suitable for use in large-scale sports projects. In addition to basic functions such as wind, rain, and sun protection, the side height of the tent can reach 6-10 meters, making it suitable for the needs of sports venues such as basketball courts, tennis courts, and badminton venues. All side walls of the tent can be opened for ventilation, and indoor air conditioning can also be installed to regulate temperature changes, suitable for different seasons.
In addition to the common sloping roofs, COSCO also offers a variety of different styles of tent designs, such as curved roofs, arches, polygons, and combination types. These stylish and beautiful designs, and the white PVC not only have outstanding sun protection and thermal insulation functions, but can also be customized with patterns and colors, serving as outdoor advertising.

COSCO Tent has been specialized in manufacturing of aluminum structural and PVC fabric tents for more than 10 years now, intended to provide customers with a perfect outdoor activity space.

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