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is there a wedding planner in your budget?

by:COSCO     2020-06-06
Nowadays, the cost of a general wedding has become so high that you may think that the application of the word \"budget\" does not apply.
Of course you were wrong.
Did you spend $3,000?
Far below average, even in the most expensive parts of the United States. S.
But I know a few people who have done very well)
Or you spent $30,000.
The average cost of the wedding today is only a little bit, so the average means that a lot of people spend more money)
You need a budget.
The budget is not necessarily to reduce spending.
It\'s a plan, no matter how much you spend, where you spend it.
I hope you are one of the few lucky people that you can pay for free when planning your dream wedding.
On the other hand, I know some fairly wealthy people and I don\'t know anyone who doesn\'t have a certain amount of anxiety about the cost of the wedding.
Most people can\'t afford it at all, or just don\'t want to empty the savings and add credit for their wedding.
The wedding has a bit of a terrible habit of having something more expensive to spend your efforts soon
Make money on something more permanent, like buying a house and having a baby (or 2).
What\'s more, many brides (
Traditional wedding planner)
In later life, they get married a little later, because they live a good life in their career, and there is no working day to interview wedding vendors and taste cakes for free.
Do Wedding Planners spend money or save money?
Of course, professional wedding planners have to be paid, so they will obviously cost you.
However, an argument can be made (
Made by the wedding planner himself and the bride who is satisfied with the professional planner)
Having a professional wedding planner can save you money in other areas.
An experienced wedding planner attends several weddings each year.
This means that they will maintain an ongoing relationship with certain wedding vendors who should cut the price of the wedding planner so that she can continue to use their services at all weddings she attends. -Aside -
This does not affect your budget, but wedding vendors should also be happy with the services provided by the vendors.
As an individual, it is impossible for you to see these vendors again after the wedding (
Not for a long time at least, preferably never).
On the other hand, wedding planners will see these vendors again and again;
She\'s their repeat.
Of course, the supplier will value a repeat customer rather than a-time customer.
They will communicate this value through financial breaks and extra timegood service.
If it comes to a critical moment, they may communicate by giving something to the wedding planner (
For example, service is provided on a popular date, or manual services are includedto-find item)
They must take it from a single bride.
I know a bride who got a wedding venue for a specific date and after a week the venue was canceled because they had a \"repeat guest\" who wanted that date, and willing to pay extra.
My friend did not have the opportunity to pay the extra and to bid more than the repeat.
She just missed her date. -Aside -
If you find a wedding planner with a good reputation (
Bride and local vendors included)
, You may get the best of everything: one that can easily make you a top wedding planner
Bargain with suppliers.
Even if you hire a great wedding planner, you should still do your own research and talk to the planner with a tight budget.
If the planner is not able to adequately control the cost, it is always your responsibility to provide the cost --
Save your own ideas.
If your wedding planner doesn\'t follow your budget, then she\'s not doing well, but the money is still out of your pocket.
The extra cost was not taken out of the planner\'s pocket!
Still, no wedding planner is more likely to save you than she charges you.
Hiring a wedding planner will bring you higher financial wedding costs.
However, it is timely for a good planner to be sure to save your field.
If you hire a wedding planner, you will need to invest less time in organizing and ensuring your wedding details than you will not hire.
The question you are going to answer is if you have more time or more money to invest in your wedding.
Only you can answer this question.
What can wedding planners charge you in three ways: oA as a percentage of your total wedding expenses, per hour chargeoA fixed fees, although this is the least common, I would recommend looking for a vendor that uses the last option.
The problem with the percentage charge is that it creates an incredible conflict of interest for planners.
Essentially, the more you spend on your wedding, the more money the planner gets.
In my opinion, this is the opposite of how it should work!
Most planners are ethical and they live and die by advice, so it\'s unlikely that they will triple your spending in order to increase it, but to some extent, it just doesn\'t encourage them to look at every penny in the way I personally hope.
If you work with a planner who charges a percentage (15% is typical)
, Talk about the percentage of wedding expenses that pay them your budget (
Not the actual cost)
, Plus the percentage of any amount they can come in within the budget.
Basically, they are given a budget-strapped bonus.
This will offset the inherent conflict of interest to a certain extent --
Based on the payment structure.
The hourly fee solves at least the problem caused by the percentage fee, but it causes a similar problem with the time.
As a wedding planner (or any vendor)
Charged by hour, they lose the motivation to act quickly, which you can hardly control.
Since you didn\'t do the job, it\'s hard to say exactly how long it will take.
If you work with an hourly wedding planner, set a maximum number (or range)
How many hours will you pay while making sure the planner agrees that the maximum limit you set is enough time to plan the entire wedding.
Planners charge a flat fee for each specific service they offer, which gives you a lot of flexibility.
You don\'t have to hire them to plan every part of your wedding.
If you want them to deal with the venue and dining, when you hire your cousin\'s band and ask your mom to make clothes for you, you are flexible in paying for the services you need, but no one else.
In addition, by charging a flat fee for each service, the planner keeps all normal (and desirable)
The goal is to get the job done quickly and cheaply.
They don\'t get paid more for failing on one of the targets, as they do on other payment methods.
Unfortunately, planners don\'t like this payment structure because they are worried that there will be something extremely difficult for your wedding and they have to bear the cost of handling the wedding.
Especially for wedding planners who are not familiar with the field, trying to predict in advance how much time and effort it takes to provide the services you need will feel uncomfortable.
If you recommend the use of this payment structure to wedding planners who usually charge a different fee, please make it clear that you are aware of this concern and consider it reasonable.
Discuss the fact that you are willing to accept add-on charges (
Probably an hour ago)
If an exception occurs beyond the planner\'s control.
Like all types of wedding planners, be sure to talk to referrals and talk to these brides --who-have-gone-before-
You know what the wedding planner did and didn\'t do with every service she provided.
Keep in mind that just because a particular wedding planner usually charges clients in some way doesn\'t mean they can\'t get paid in another way.
Most wedding planners are freelancers who can make their own rules on how to get paid.
Maybe they always charge percentages in the past, but that doesn\'t mean they can\'t agree to pay a flat fee for a particular service for your wedding, if that\'s the only way you\'re willing to pay.
Of course, you have to realize that it also means that if they really don\'t want to accept the payment structure you\'re interested in, they can go away and don\'t treat you as a customer.
Just like you and any other vendor, negotiate with the wedding planner.
Remember you\'re hiring them.
They\'re the helpers you hired.
If you don\'t like their terms, you can get a different wedding planner to sign the contract.
You took all the cards. Play them. (c)
All rights reserved-
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