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isle of wight festival 2014: from the world cup to outdoor hot tubs, an insider’s guide to what to see

by:COSCO     2019-08-08
There may be some of the most famous names on music at the Isle of Wight Festival, but there is more to happen than that.
There is no need to miss though-this is our insider\'s guide on other situations.
If you want to plan your festival with military precision, the Isle of Wight Festival app is now available for download with stage time.
If you register online as a holiday citizen, you also have the opportunity to win a VIP upgrade, and if you get 6 stamps from around the festival, 10% of the tickets can be discounted by 2015.
Don\'t worry about missing out on football-BT Dreamland will feature every World Cup match on the holiday weekend, including England vs. Italy on Saturday night.
There is no doubt that you will feel a lot of pressure after that, so go to the only hot tub in the country
Equipped with double layers, thanks for taking a shower in the sun, or if you can find the mysterious Bohemian Forest (
See if you can order lanterns)
, Have a hammock in a compromise route to relax-
It consists of a band and a dj.
Like a little holiday legacy --new Hendrix-
Hi Joe Rock Bar is the inspiration for you.
A place for \"free thinkers and far-sighted\", it also hosts
Prodigy Le Roy Thornhill on Thursday, Tim Burgess hosts the show on Saturday and Saturday, as will companies such as Hatcham Social and Sleaford Mods.
Back in the seventh year, the Kashmir cafe is rapidly becoming a festival agency with real beer, art activities and predictions.
Here you will find the best music talent in the local area and a stage.
This is not the only place to note-and-
As Bleech, Francobollo and Polterghost became the first choice for the Hard Rock Rising stage, while British Airways\'s BAMusic stage presented artists from Spain, France, local brands like Italy and Croatia and Hailey blue and champions.
You don\'t want to see Dappy any more, and the other festival is firmly Strongbow Garden.
This year seems to be full of revelers forever.
Up has Roachford, James Walsh, Matt Cardle, the former X-Factor champion, and probably lots of cider.
At the same time, the song and dance tent offers comedy, burlesque, karaoke, and if you\'re embarrassed by your movements, Saturday, designer Wayne Hemingway and his son Jack showed \"the land of 1,000 Dances\" there \".
An opportunity to learn iconic dance from age 50, you can impress your teammates by making mashed potatoes for King Lyon the next night.
If Jazz/Jazz fancy and teapot cocktail banjo Inxtoxicated tea room, Bourbon \"n\" in the new Celeste H-
A friendly whiskey meeting. don\'t look for you.
Fi in Octopus Garden.
If you have downloaded this app, you can also order drinks via your phone and send them to your desk.
If you are bringing your family, the children\'s area promises to host puppet shows, arts and crafts, talent shows and storytelling, while Bryn\'s ballroom has circus workshops, professional wrestling, and a fight after dark
Themed with silent Discoe, including a face of 80 v 90
Between Pat Sharp and Toby antis.
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