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Know when the exhibition tent rental price how to calculate

by:COSCO     2020-09-25
How to calculate exhibition peng rental price. Has the broad standard workshop, advanced production equipment, excellent staff forces and perfect management system. Awning room as a kind of new activity type field activity space, the structure of unit combination method, perfect equipment, innovative planning concept, constitute the diversification of field activities, show a common idea. Auto show frame tent rent through the use of the curtains about young people must be have been familiar items. Many young people like to go out there should be three or five good to the beach together. So you would use the curtains, it convenient natural don't need I say more. This is we all know. Is curtains gradually among young people, many manufacturers catch opportunities to produce curtains, but the raw material quality is not able to pass, greatly reduce the customer's user experience. But the curtains have been based on quality for *. So for a long time the curtains are the likes of the customer. And there is no betray the trust of customers. rental for the practicality of awning room sensitive composite structure with broad practicability: the practice of awning room span of 3 - 60 meters, despite restrictions on span awning room, but the unit modular structure can make the tent length for infinite extension. Bring frame tent standards for a variety of changes, like 3 - 12 m span small tent, its length can be extended according to 3 m, and some of the big standard awning room can be extended according to 5 meters distance, can satisfy customer's different activity awning room needs! And composite structure on the structures, and apart is also quick, appropriate given the sensitive character of the awning room to move.
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